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‘Thousands of people’ are expected to arrive in the UK next week under the Homes for Ukraine sponsorship scheme

The refugee minister told MPs he expects ‘thousands of people’ to arrive next week under the Homes for Ukraine sponsorship scheme, but warned it ‘may not be possible ” that all accommodation offered be checked beforehand.

When asked if any checks would be carried out by housing councils under the Homes for Ukraine scheme before Ukrainians were housed in the UK, Lord Richard Harrington told the Home Affairs Committee of the House of Commons: “It may not be possible.

“I mean, I’m talking next week… I expect thousands of people to come but it will be their responsibility and, particularly where there is a possibility of vulnerability with children, that sort of thing, that would take precedence.

“But if we started saying we’re going to preview it, that’s just not possible.”

Asked by the committee if he could guarantee that the Ukrainian refugees would not be accommodated in hotels, he replied: “Honestly, I cannot give you that commitment. I would love to, but that’s not our intention. But if all else fails, it’s our job to make sure they have a roof over their heads and are well fed.

“It’s not our plan, it’s not our strategy. We have thousands of people from Afghanistan staying in hotels. We have thousands of asylum seekers. So it’s not the plan, but I can’t guarantee you 100% because I just don’t know.”


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