WA State Representative Marcus Riccelli speaks on the new district structure in Spokane County |


SPOKANE, Wash. – For the past 183 years, Spokane County has had three county commissioners, for three districts. But this year, that is changing.

2022 marks the first year that Spokane County will see two more commissioner positions filled. Washington State Rep. Marcus Riccelli is excited about Spokane’s future.

“We’re going to move this community forward because when we come together, we do great things,” Riccelli said. “A strong democracy can only exist within an active and engaged population, these people spread it and I think we have qualified candidates to make the case.

In 2018, Riccelli sponsored a bill that was signed into law by Governor Jay Inslee called the Responsible Representation Act. The purpose of the law is to direct counties with a population of more than 400,000 people to follow a district-based county commission structure.

Which means the 2022 election will bring two new commissioner positions for the recently added Districts 4 and 5 in Spokane County.

“We believe there will be more direct accountability from these elected officials to citizens, and overall this is a good step forward in modernizing our government and ensuring that people have better representation,” Riccelli said.

And with the Aug. 2 primary election, Riccelli said it’s a critical time to test the district model in Spokane County to ensure the work put in for this change pays off.

“All voices need to be represented, but at the end of the day, people vote the way they vote,” Riccelli said. “I don’t think the goal should be to have x or y numbers from a particular party, it’s to have the best people in there, with the best ideas.

A total of 15 people are running for county commissioner in the five districts; three identify as Democrats, ten identify as Republicans, one is an Independent, and one does not indicate a party preference.

“All can thrive, not just a few,” Riccelli said.

Rep. Riccelli also said the candidates have done their part, now is the time for you — the voters — to do yours.

“Go out there and check out these candidates who are running for this job,” Riccelli said.

For more information on each candidate for county commissioner this year, Click here.


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