USDA to Issue Specialty Crop Inspection Certificates and Audit Report in New Formats – Produce Blue Book


The USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) will begin issuing inspection certificates and audit reports in several formats as the agency deploys the Integrated network for specialized crops (SCION), a new web-based platform that will modernize USDA’s specialty crop inspection and audit services.

Over the next year, AMS will develop and implement SCION in three versions, each supporting an expanded scope of USDA’s specialty crop inspection and audit functions. On September 24, 2021, AMS began using SCION for processed lot inspections, factory investigations, and USDA Good Agricultural Practice audits conducted by federal staff. Customers of these services will begin to see new certifications issued by SCION. Two subsequent versions will support the entire USDA specialty crop inspection and audit program by mid-2022.

As AMS deploys SCION, stakeholders may receive either traditional inspection and audit documents or results generated by SCION. New output documents may differ slightly from current formats and will be identified by the designation “ES” on the name of the form. Traditional and SCION-generated inspection certificates and audit reports are official USDA documents.

More information about SCION and examples of current audit certificates and reports and SCION can be found at


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