U.S. Dressage Program Announces Program Structure Updates



Lexington, Ky. – The US Dressage Program has announced several updates to the program and coaching structure for the 2022 competition year. The updated structure was approved based on the review of the programs and events of USEF dressage conducted after the Tokyo Olympics. These adjustments will provide additional support and clarity regarding the roles and responsibilities of current coaching staff, program planning details and the development of the coach support network.

Program officials will be collecting feedback from voters and athletes throughout the year on the degree of need for centralized support for coaches at the Elite and Pre-Elite levels, with the goal of appointing a leader. team for the 2022 FEI World Dressage Championships in Herning. , Denmark by Spring 2022. While not immediately continuing the post of what was previously appointed Technical Advisor, USEF coaches and program staff will provide support to program and team athletes in ensuring that the various functions performed by the technical advisor are well covered. This will include program oversight of training plans for elite and pre-elite athletes and organized discussions and advice on KPIs and target markers for athletes participating in high performance programs. Additionally, program coaches as well as members of the Coaching Support Network can serve as a team leader when needed, expanding the scope of their individual responsibilities.

The role of a High Performance and Pathway Development Advisor will be added to the overall program structure and filled by George Williams, who will also retain his role as Emerging Youth Coach. Williams will assist in the development of coaching professional development opportunities and initiatives, oversee the Coaching Support Network, promote USOPC Coaching Program opportunities, and help identify potential candidates for participation. Williams will also advise elite / pre-elite programs and attend home visits and competitions as needed to advise on appropriate performance goals and assist in overall strategy development and championship planning and competition preparation. these events. As a coach of emerging youth, Williams will continue to carry out his current responsibilities for the program, including setting goals and monitoring performance, as well as overseeing training and assessment sessions and contributing to training processes. planning and program selection, including USEF Young Rider European Tour.

Charlotte Bredahl will continue as a Development Coach and remain responsible for setting target markers and competition performance indicators for the suits participating in the Development Program. Bredahl will also continue to support training and evaluation sessions with identified athletes and assist in the event planning and selection processes.

Christine Traurig will remain the emerging young horse trainer, responsible for helping identify future talent and setting target markers and performance indicators with participating combinations. Traurig will oversee the training and assessment sessions and advise on the planning and selection processes for all programs, as well as provide additional training support for the Elite, Pre-Elite and Developing rosters as required. .

Membership communications will be released this week with additional updates and information.

USEF’s international high performance programs are generously supported by the USET Foundation, USOPC, and USEF sponsors and members.



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