TRE: Approval of TCFD recommendations and strengthening of the structure of climate change initiatives


June 15, 2022

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Mitsuo Abe, President and Chief Operating Officer

(Code: 9247; Prime Market of Tokyo Stock



Takeshi Uekawa, General Manager and

Head of Corporate Planning Division

(TEL: 03-6327-2620)

Approval of TCFD Recommendations

and improving the structure of climate change initiatives

We have decided to endorse the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) based on our corporate philosophy to contribute to global environmental conservation as a global management enterprise of the environment. At the same time, we have also decided to participate in the TCFD* Consortium, which serves as a forum for exchanges between companies and financial institutions that have adhered to the recommendations. In addition, we inform you that we have recently created the Committee for the Promotion of CSR and Sustainable Development to carry out concrete initiatives on issues of climate change management.

1. What is TCFD?

The Financial Stability Board (FSB) created the TCFD in 2015 in response to a request from the G20. The TCFD assesses the financial impact of climate change risks and opportunities on management. It encourages companies to publish information on governance, strategies, risk management, indicators and objectives.

2. Purpose of Endorsement of TCFD Recommendations and Participation in TCFD Consortium

Our group views the impact of climate change on business as an important management issue. Accordingly, we have declared our goal of achieving a highly recycling-oriented society and a carbon-free society in our medium-term management plan. To this end, we are working on different issues. We recognize that climate change is a medium and long-term risk and opportunity for our group’s activities. Recognizing this, we are considering measures to combat climate change. Along with this, we have now announced our endorsement of the TCFD recommendations and will participate in the TCFD Consortium to improve the disclosure of appropriate information to our stakeholders.

3. Establishment of the CSR and sustainable development promotion committee, etc.

Chaired by the President and Chief Operating Officer, this committee will formulate policy for our group’s response to management issues regarding climate change and other areas of sustainability. He will then report on the progress of the work to the Board of Directors. In addition, we have set up the CSR and sustainable development promotion department as the committee’s secretariat. The department will identify materialities (important issues) to contribute to the promotion of sustainability management and the achievement of the SDGs, verify medium and long-term risks and opportunities, develop data that includes non-financial indicators and create integrated reports in line with TCFD recommendations.

*TCFD Consortium:

The TCFD Consortium was established in 2019 as a forum to discuss effective corporate information disclosure and initiatives that will link disclosed information to appropriate investment decisions by financial institutions, etc. Companies and financial institutions that endorse TCFD recommendations participate in the consortium.


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