“The demand for formats with ready-to-cook fresh products is constantly increasing”


“Our way of life has changed a lot over the past few decades, as have our consumption habits. The demand for formats with ready-to-cook fresh products continues to grow,” says Tomás García-Escribano, CEO of Cincofresh.

The young fruit and vegetable company, based in the municipality of Cinco Casas, in the province of Ciudad Real, has expanded its product range and has begun to market trays of washed and cut products for the preparation of stew and mashed potatoes under its Cinco Casas brand. These are sold in major Spanish supermarkets and allow the company, which specializes in growing melon, watermelon, pumpkin and green asparagus, to open up new channels.

“In addition to being practical, these formats also allow you to save money since consumers only buy the quantity necessary for the preparation of the recipe, thus avoiding food waste”, explains Tomás García-Escribano.

The stew and mash sets are prepared under strict quality controls for each of the products included in the two trays. “To this end, the producers who supply these foods have previously ensured that they are in optimal conditions for consumption. Once in the warehouse, our professionals ensure that these products reach the consumer with excellent freshness every day,” he explains.

All products are grown by the producers of this La Mancha company, except at times of the year when this is not possible. “To overcome this problem, we have agreements with warehouses specialized in each product”, explains the CEO of Cincofresh.

This new launch was driven by the success of the latest project the company has embarked on. A few months ago, it launched two other new ranges of one of its main products: pumpkin. These two new formats are the sliced ​​carruecano pumpkin and the vacuum-packed fresh pumpkin.

“Before launching the project, we contacted the distribution chains to which we already serve our products and concluded several agreements. We hope that the result of the launch of these new product lines will be well received on the shelves of supermarkets and, by therefore, by the end consumers,” says Tomás García-Escribano.

Irregular demand for melon and watermelon due to bad weather
During the winter, there was a rather irregular campaign of melons and watermelons. “Consumption levels have been somewhat different compared to other years. We believe this may be due to the high temperatures we had this winter, which boosted watermelon consumption. However, it is also true that consumption has decreased. the past two weeks due to bad weather,” explains the company’s CEO.

Regarding the spring and summer harvests, Thomas indicates that “the area should be reduced, at least in Almeria and Murcia. In Castilla-La Mancha, we believe that the area of ​​melons will remain stable, but the area of watermelons will shrink a bit from what was planted last year.”

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