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The All New Monty: Who Bares Wins factual entertainment format was a success for TF1

MIPCOM: French broadcaster TF1 is in Cannes looking for factual entertainment and social experimentation formats as well as a new cooking show.

Julien Degroote, responsible for content development at TF1, informed delegates of the group’s programming needs during the FRAPA Formats Summit at Mipcom on Monday.

Juien Degroote

In accompanying the public in the green light process for TF1, Degroote said its main demands are “great and wide entertainment” which is “safe for family and advertisers”.

Seeking light and fun content for audiences weighed down by the pandemic, Degroote said The Masked Singer was an ideal format for TF1 because it got people talking without being too nervous.

Degroote said he was here in Cannes looking for more factual entertainment formats after the success of The Real Full Monty, which aired locally as The All New Monty: Who Bares Wins, on the network.

“It’s less in our DNA but it’s worked really well, so we’re looking for new shows like that,” said Degroote, who added that a cooking format as well as shows that encourage co-viewing are on. his shopping list, with a show of social experimentation.

Degroote recently ordered a local version of the dating reality format The Love Trap, originally commissioned by UK broadcaster Channel 4.

The show, which will air on TFX, a youth series, follows 10 single women who compete on a series of dates to win a man’s heart. However, only half of the contestants participate for love, with the other half competing to win a big cash prize.

Created and produced by Great Scott Media, Love Trap is distributed by All3Media International for whom Graham Spencer, Executive Vice President EMEA, has sealed the deal with TF1.

Degroote also underlined TF1’s willingness to take risks, citing the 31 programs it has ordered on paper from its channels over the past four years.



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