Sebi: Sebi revises financial information filing formats for entities that have listed non-convertible securities


New Delhi: Market regulator Sebi on Tuesday released revised formats for the filing of financial information by entities that have listed their non-convertible securities on the stock exchange. In September, the regulator notified corporate governance rules for listed entities that have listed their debt securities.

He had required these entities to disclose financial results on a quarterly basis, including assets and liabilities, and cash flows.

Sebi now offers formats for financial reporting and a limited review report.

Banks and insurance companies should disclose financial information in formats prescribed by their regulators, according to a circular.

Sebi also required entities to disclose the reasons for the delay or non-disclosure of financial results to exchanges within one business day of the financial results submission deadline.

If the entities decide to delay the results before the due date, they must communicate the detailed reasons for these delays to the exchanges within one working day of the decision being made.

The regulator has provided a format for the disclosure of autonomous financial results on a quarterly basis and autonomous and consolidated financial results on an annual basis.

In addition, a format for the statement of assets and liabilities on a semi-annual basis has been given and this should contain the items mentioned in the balance sheet format as given under company law.

Providing the format for the statement of cash flows on a semi-annual basis, Sebi said it should be prepared using the indirect method in accordance with relevant accounting standards.


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