Rutherford County Courthouse announces availability of recycling receptacles at main entrances


The historic Rutherford County Courthouse now has two recycling bins, one at each main entrance, that county employees, patrons and downtown visitors can use in an effort to reduce waste in the community .

“We are excited about the addition of these new bins,” said Mayor Bill Ketron, who said there are plans to add them to other buildings around the county in the near future.

“We want 2022 to be the year our citizens commit to making small changes that can have a huge impact on the whole community, starting with recycling,” he added.

Bins have two separate openings; one is for paper, the other for plastic bottles and cans.

“It is important that those who dispose of items in the bins do so correctly,” said Bishop Wagener, director of solid waste for Rutherford County. “If not recycled properly, some items can contaminate the entire bin and cause it to end up in the landfill rather than being recycled.”

On the paper side, only mixed office papers are accepted. This does NOT include glossy paper, paper products or food grade paper.

Plastic bottles should be rinsed, dried and crushed. It’s okay to leave the tag on them. Cans should also be rinsed and crushed. It is a space saver and allows more items to be placed in the bins before they are emptied.

“A very important reminder is that these items should be loose,” Wagener warned. “If plastic bags are thrown into the bins, the bin becomes contaminated and the load will go to the bin.”

Items that are not accepted in courthouse trash cans can be taken to the County Recycling Center located at 1140 Haley Road. With the exception of the Rockvale location, other convenience stores in the county will accept items for recycling other than electronics and paint.

For more information on locations, hours of operation, and items that can and cannot be recycled, please visit


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