Report: Leveraging Interactive Marketing Formats



Adding to the global adoption of digital commerce is the widespread desire among consumers for interactive entertainment and more active and immersive brand experiences that put them in the driver’s seat. A shift in the way consumers discover products and services, as well as connecting with their favorite brands and retailers, has ushered in a new wave of promotional and educational activations. To maintain relevance and build loyalty in an increasingly hybrid landscape, brands are harnessing the unique capabilities of new technologies to leverage next-generation marketing formats that blur the most valued aspects of physical activations with the streamlined nature of virtual experiences. and digital.

Advanced visualization technologies such as augmented and virtual reality help brands generate excitement, while shopping experiences and content allow customers to explore products and learn more about their functionality. hyper-realistic way. Connected packaging and mobile mini-games are expanding the ways in which brands can tactile interact and communicate with their audiences. At the same time, technology-based interactive marketing formats give buyers a more active role in the brand discovery experience by connecting physical products, associated digital landscapes and remote adventures through exciting, immersive offerings. on location.

Progressive brands are embracing a suite of new channels and technologies to connect and engage their audiences. At the furthest reaches, companies are even experimenting with full-fledged physical experiences to bring their identities to life and delight buyers with prizes and contests that serve as a platform to market both the brand and the product.

In this report, PSFK describes five trends that show how brands engage shoppers with next-gen promotional experiences and deliver enhanced, user-enabled marketing campaigns. Each of the trends is supported by recent examples of top-notch innovation in the markets.

Featured Trends

OOO consumer activated

Brands and retailers are increasingly meeting consumers beyond the store with mobile-friendly activations. Overlaying mobile-activated shopping moments in storefronts, pop-up locations, and even murals helps turn on-the-go moments into shopping opportunities. In addition, mobile-driven brand activations are also being deployed to educate consumers on the use cases of certain products through realistic experiential display formats. These new ways of grabbing attention and engagement by inviting the consumer to participate in the experience are changing the way shoppers interact with brands across various channels and devices throughout the buying journey.

RA triggered by location

The adoption and growing applications of AR technology coupled with sophisticated image recognition capabilities have added a layer of digital information and interactivity to the physical world. Marketers leverage these immersive, location-specific augmented experiences to help brands generate excitement and enable customers to explore products and learn more about their characteristics and context in a way. hyper-realistic, while offering brands and retailers new ways to surprise and delight their hearts. audiences and attract new buyers.

Playable packaging

Beyond the end product, brands design interactive games and content, from curated playlists to augmented reality experiences, which consumers can access through packaging. Adding an extra layer to the buying funnel experience, these playable packaging designs add value and provide a complementary connected social element to the product. Connected packaging also opens the doors to new partnership opportunities for brands that can leverage audience synergies to promote both products and experiences across a wide variety of purchasing channels, segments and markets. activation points.



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