Ogury ad formats generate up to 5x more attention than the market average


To ensure attention is being measured correctly, Lumen has developed a key metric looking at attentive seconds per 1,000 impressions1. This standard is paramount to accurate measurement of attention and is the primary expression of attention generated by an advertisement. The study shows that Ogury’s ad formats generate significantly more attention per 1,000 impressions than the market average, outperforming mobile outstream by 2.5x and mobile display by 5x.

Attracting attention is an important start, but retaining it is essential. The study’s attention curve, based on users’ eye movements, indicates that most people watch outstream video and display formats for less than 2 seconds. Specifically, they only spend 1.8 seconds outputting and a mere 1.3 seconds displaying. Compared to the industry, Ogury’s formats are viewed for about 5 seconds on average – 4.8 seconds exactly. Some viewers even happened to engage for more than 10 seconds.

The results of the study provide a clear picture of the link between attention and brand recall, and its impact on advertisers’ primary outcome when executing branding campaigns. While short amounts of attention can lead to some degree of brand recall, its likelihood increases gradually as users pay more attention to advertisements.

At Ogury, Ad Formats Drive 36% More Brand Recall2 than other outstream and display mobile activations. This speaks to the importance of attention in brand building, as the longer an ad is viewed, the more likely it is to be remembered.

The study clearly proves that for users to have a chance of remembering a brand or its products, attention is key. To enable brands to optimize and retain attention, Ogury leverages FOC, a key metric widely available through third-party measurement partners (DV, IAS, Moat) that ensures 100% advertising pixels are entirely on the screen. With respect to video ads, Ogury encourages the industry to use the all-screen rate for at least 50% of the ad’s duration – the longest period consistently measured by all measurement partners. This is the only way for advertisers to consistently measure the performance of mobile formats, regardless of their partners or ad networks.

“Attention is the prerequisite for any meaningful impact. If people don’t pay attention to an advertisement, they won’t remember the brand. And if that sounds like common sense, then this study proves it with numbers. .” mentioned Charlotte Diemer, Global Knowledge Manager at Ogury. “At Ogury, we take it upon ourselves to ensure customers that their message is actually seen and generates real attention. That’s why we provide them with fully on-screen formats that generate the highest possible level of attention by default. “

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Lumen Research and Ogury conducted this survey in January 2022 in the United States and the United Kingdom. They collected responses from 1,200 respondents aged 18 to 59, recruited online and divided into four groups. Users accessed the Lumen software through their mobile phone, turning their device into an eye-tracking camera. They were exposed to four articles (in-context tests) on their mobile phones. All respondents saw two test ads and were asked to complete a short questionnaire to assess brand recall.

About Ogury
Oguria, the Personified Advertising company, has created a revolutionary advertising engine that delivers holistic audience interest, brand performance, privacy and sustainability within a technology stack, designed and optimized for the mobile. Advertisers working with Ogury benefit from impactful, fully visible ads, future-proof targeting, and unwavering protection. Publishers reap the benefits of a respectful user experience, additional revenue, and premium demand with Ogury’s solutions. Founded in 2014, Ogury is a global organization of over 450 people, including 100 engineers in 12 countries.

About Lumen
Lumen is a leading attention technology provider for the advertising industry. Lumen uses proprietary eye-tracking technology to understand what people are looking at and ignoring while online, and turns that data into powerful predictive models of attention, which are deployed as measurement and reporting tools, algorithms for custom purchasing and creative testing solutions.

1 Seconds listened per 000 = % of impressions seen (Eyes on Ad min. 100 ms) x average watch time x 1,000

2 Quick brand recall



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