MultiVersus release date, price, formats and more


MultiVersus is an upcoming platformer with a difference, delivering punches between characters from a wide range of Warner Bros. properties. in a multiverse framework. If you’ve ever wanted to know who would win in a fight between Scooby-Doo’s Shaggy and Adventure Time’s Finn The Human, or if Arya Stark is a more skilled assassin than Harley Quinn, then you can soon put those theories to the test. in the head of battle. To find out when it’s coming out, how much it’ll cost, what formats you can play it on, and more, here’s everything we know about MultiVersus so far.

Everything we know about MultiVersus

  1. MultiVersus will be released in July 2022
  2. MultiVersus is free, but with some in-game purchases
  3. MultiVersus is on PS4 and Xbox One, as well as PS5, Xbox Series X and PC
  4. There are 16 confirmed fighters in MultiVersus so far

MultiVersus release date is July 2022


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There is currently a MultiVersus Closed Alpha running, which is expected to end at the end of May 2022. This is limited to players who have received an invite, but the good news for everyone else is that they don’t have much left long to wait. , as the release window for MultiVersus has been set for July 2022. We don’t have an exact date during that month yet, but we do know that’s when the open beta will launch, so which means anyone will be able to download and play the game. Much like Fortnite, MultiVersus is likely to remain in open beta for a while before moving to a full release.

MultiVersus is free to play but will have in-game purchases


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Another good news is that MultiVersus will be free, so there’s no cost to jump in and try it out once it’s released. As with most F2P games, in-game purchases will be available, but no details have yet been given on what form they will take. The developers have confirmed that there will be “upcoming seasons filled with content for players to enjoy”, suggesting that a season pass system could be implemented to unlock characters, outfits, and more.

MultiVersus is on PS4 and Xbox One


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In addition to being available on PC via Steam, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, MultiVersus is also on PS4 and Xbox One, opening up more options for players to get involved in combat. Additionally, MultiVersus will have full cross-play support to allow battles with friends on different systems, and cross-progression is available so you can move between platforms while maintaining the overall progression you have. made on your account.

Who’s in MultiVersus so far

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

So far, a list of 16 fighters has been confirmed, as follows:

  • Arya Stark
  • Batman
  • insect rabbit
  • Finn the human
  • Garnet
  • harley quinn
  • The Iron Giant
  • Jacques the dog
  • Reindog
  • Shaggy
  • Steven Universe
  • Superman
  • Tasmanian Devil aka Taz
  • Tom and Jerry
  • Velma
  • wonder woman

For more details on where they come from, what combat class they belong to, and how to unlock them all, check out our in-depth MultiVersus character guide for all the latest info.

You want to know more ? Find out in our hands-on overview how MultiVersus breaks platform hunter conventions to great effect.


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