Most popular marketing video formats in 2022


It is impossible to imagine the Internet without video content playing a vital role in the browsing experience. Everything from influencer marketing to government announcements, product launches and pop culture promotions, current events and industry-specific content are frequently presented in the form of videos.

According to a study conducted that aims to illustrate the importance of videos, 92% of brand marketing teams use videos as part of their digital strategy and say the format is central to their success. They also say video has helped them achieve around 87% of their ROI, a huge improvement from just 33% in 2015. More so, we learn from them that videos can be used as a marketing tool standalone or complementary used with SEO, paid and organic media, website development and other digital strategies. Either way, video has become a mainstay.

Dissecting this in more detail, it was discovered that video helped them achieve specific marketing and sales goals. Video has benefited brands by generating more high-potential leads over time, improving engagement, deepening customer understanding of products and services, and ultimately adding to the bottom line.

Truly, video as a marketing tool is a trend that will probably never slow down. How, then, can brands make the most of this invaluable format to maximize its potential? Below are some suggestions from the Truelogic creative team.

Create video ads that appear on other platforms

Let’s start with something basic. For most brands, videos are used as paid advertisements that appear on various online platforms. These videos can be short and straight to the point, showcasing a literal product or service. Other times they can be longer and look like a short film where there is a humorous, touching or simply memorable story.

Present explainer videos on your own platforms

Online customers are looking for value in video content. They want to be educated, to be kept up to date or to learn interesting things. Provide talking points about who you are, what you do, your brand’s history and evolution, its philanthropic activities – there really are no limits. And of course, when you post those videos on your own social media, make them share-worthy so your customers will find a reason to share them on their own pages as well.

Consider using a landing page video on your website

The home pages of the website are a decisive experience. First impressions last. Consider doing a positive first expression, make a homepage as dynamic as possible without cluttering too much. Instead of bombarding customers with a ton of buttons, an overly noisy layout, and far too many bustling features, a well-placed video that entices customers to stay and understand what they’ll gain by browsing your website should be convincing enough.

Create company story videos that feel real

The keyword here is real. Online shoppers, with all the content they are exposed to day in and day out, have pretty good judgment to decide whether what they are looking at is genuine or not. Corporate stories should pull on the emotions, true, but should never be tacky or sappy. Never a hard sell.

Don’t underestimate the power of short videos

When we talk about videos going “viral”, that’s what comes to mind. Short videos are not necessarily shot the same way as commercials or other promotional content. This is where influencer marketing comes in as we most often see this format used in Facebook or Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and of course TikTok.

Invest in high quality tutorials

These five minute or less videos have exploded in popularity because they are useful, shareable, and not time sensitive. Additionally, apart from showing customers how to effectively use a product or service, these videos can also include other tips and tricks presented as insider information to make the regular tutorial video more engaging.

Highlight testimonials whenever you can

Videos that feature happy customers talking about how your brand has exceeded expectations, how it’s better, or how it’s helped improve their lives in some way. Get real people to share their stories about your brand. Focus on experiences finding solutions, improvements, and finding “exactly what they need” through your products and services.

Explore conducting expert interviews, webinars, or other live events

Videos don’t just have to be pre-made. They can be shot live, involving the participation or real-time presence of your customers. This was a new trend born out of the two-year quarantine period that has proven useful in unique ways – webinars or workshops where industry experts are invited to speak and share their skills , online social events for launches and promotions, as well as live-streamed interviews.

Overall, these different video formats can be improved if they align with the rest of your digital marketing strategy. Don’t create videos for the sake of it, and don’t miss the mark just because a format is trending. Always connect videos to existing marketing tools, link them to your call to action and make your brand image crystal clear.

Last tip, regularly check the performance of your videos. There are tools that allow brands to see if their videos contribute enough and in other cases, not at all. Either way, learn from video analytics and let them guide you through the next step of video creation. It might take you a while to hit the nail on the head, but when you do, your digital marketing gains are sure to be worth it.


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