Michelle explains why she didn’t reveal Jamie as her source


Bachelorette Michelle Young explains why she hasn’t revealed Jamie Skaar as her source on men’s issues with her relationship with Joe Coleman.

A new villain appeared on The Bachelorette in the form of Jamie Skaar, but Michelle Young explained why she hadn’t revealed him as her source on other men’s so-called issues with her relationship with Joe Coleman. After a few men assumed that Michelle and Joe knew each other before the show, Jamie told her that the whole house was questioning her character because they thought she was lying to them. Michelle confronted the men, most of whom were confused because Jamie was exaggerating and lying about the situation. After explaining that she had only traded DMs with Joe a few years ago, which ended when he ghosted her, she opened up the conversation for guys to ask questions or open a dialogue. When they sat in silence, she canceled the cocktail to pull herself together because she wanted to put her walls back in place. When the men wondered what was going on, Jamie acted like he had no idea either. Michelle never revealed that it was Jamie who started the whole drama.

Before the cocktail party, Jamie had the first one-on-one date with Michelle. They built trust in their relationship during an exciting rock climbing adventure. Later, over dinner, Jamie opened up to Michelle about her past, sharing details about her mother’s difficult journey with her mental health, which ultimately ended in her suicide. Michelle’s gentle way of listening helped Jamie share the intimate details of her life with her. She offered him a rose and they shared a kiss. They left the date feeling closer to each other, and it seemed like they had formed a strong bond.

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This closeness is the reason Michelle didn’t betray Jamie’s trust or doubt his lies. On the Happy Hour Bachelor Podcast, hosted by Becca Kufrin and Tayshia Adams, Michelle explained why she hadn’t revealed Jamie’s identity to the other guys. She hinted that she felt protective of Jamie because of their connection. She said, “It’s so hard when you’re sitting in a seat where someone brings something, confides in you, and tells you something … And I guess I wanted to keep that confidentiality from myself.” She continued this reasoning by stating: “The first person who tells you something is that we have this discussion and I’m like BOOM! Tell me what you said, tell everyone what you said!” Becca got it and summed it up by saying: “You didn’t want to feed him to the wolves.

Michelle Young in The Bachelorette season 18

Since she had already established a connection with Jamie, she figured she could trust him. She said that during their one-on-one meeting they had “vulnerable and intense conversations. And he was so honest and open about everything he’s been through. “ Tayshia called Jamie’s actions “Abuse of power on his part”. She felt he had made his way into Michelle’s heart during the one-on-one, which Michelle then honored by keeping her identity a secret, ultimately injuring herself. Tayshia said Jamie created a script and it frustrates her to watch. Becca asked Michelle how she felt when she watched the show and saw that Jamie took no responsibility for her actions. Michelle explained, “It was a confusing moment, and looking back at it I can see why I was confused because there were really two different scenarios going on.”

Michelle’s decision to honor Jamie and keep her identity as a confidential source shows just how honest and trustworthy she is. Whether Jamie returns that trust and finally admits his transgressions remains to be seen, but he won’t be able to hide what he has done now that the show has aired. Maybe his intentions were pure, and it was all a misunderstanding. Whatever the motive, Michelle deserves the truth.

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Source: Happy Hour Bachelor Podcast


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