Metro: reduced service levels will continue until December 31


Metro announced yesterday that it would continue to operate at reduced service levels until at least December 31.

According to an updated service notice, The Metrorail service will operate as follows:

  • Red line trains run every 12 minutes
  • Green line and yellow line trains run every 20 minutes
  • Blue Line, Orange Line and Silver Line trains run every 24 minutes
  • Silver Line service resumed between Wiehle-Reston East and Largo Town Center

Metro also said in the announcement that it will notify the public of any further improvements to the service if more trains become available. There is still no timeline for the return to service of the 7000 Series fleet.

Full Press release is inferior to:

Metro customers can expect to see current (reduced) rail service levels through Dec.31, Metro announced today.

With no timetable set for the return of the 7000 series fleet in the interests of safety and the 6000 series wagons awaiting parts due to global supply chain issues, service improvements Incrementals will be made in December as parts arrive for older car models.

“As we receive more parts, we will be returning more 6000 Series cars to service our customers in December,” said Metro General Manager and CEO Paul J. Wiedefeld. “While we know the service is not as frequent as customers would like, we will add each train as it becomes available to help gradually improve the reliability and frequency of service. “

Almost 75% of Metrorail stations have trains arriving at least every 10 to 12 minutes, as many stations are served by multiple lines. More frequent service depends on available cars meeting safety standards, while Metro continues to test new inspection protocols for its new 7000 series cars, which were shelved in October.

Tests to confirm that the new inspection intervals are sufficient to safely return passenger trains to service continues this month. Engineers, safety and operations teams prepare return to service and mobilization plans to reposition more than 748 7000 series cars. Cars that have been stored will need to be prepared for service and inspected more frequently once. that they will be back in passenger service.

“This is a monumental undertaking which is carried out on parallel tracks to ensure that we have as little downtime as possible between testing and re-mobilizing the fleet,” said Wiedefeld. “We don’t intentionally set deadlines so that security and good data guide our decisions, but we understand that customers want the best service we can provide as soon as we can provide it, and we are committed to rebuilding in phases. . “

Metro typically experiences a drop in ridership during the holidays and still operates with 70% fewer passengers on average on weekdays as the region recovers from the pandemic. Before the pandemic, rush-hour trains often carried around 100 to 120 passengers per car to their busiest points, and today trains are less congested, with an average of 50 to 80 passengers per car.

The rail service outlook for January 2022 will depend on the success of the 7000 Series test and restoration plan – both of which require approval from the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission – and the operational plan to remobilize the fleet. for passenger service. Metro plans to update its service plans before the end of the calendar year.

Metro is also using this time to prepare for the launch of phase two of the Silver Line service, as testing, training staff and resources are needed to accelerate the planned start of passenger service in 2022.

To communicate service updates, Metro provides updates to federal, state and local elected officials and their staff, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission, trade organizations and other partners. jurisdictional. Customers can also find the latest information on services through website updates, social media posts, digital signage, in-station audio announcements and alerts. Sign up for MetroAlerts text or email messages to receive the latest information on the service, follow us on Twitter @MetrorailInfo or visit

Photo: “WMATA Silver Spring Station” through Roadgeek Adam is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


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