Manorama Infosolutions is expanding its global footprint with the National Integrated Health Information System (HIS) for Government project. of the Seychelles | AFN News


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Manorama Infosolutions is expanding its global footprint with the National Integrated Health Information System (HIS) for Government project. from Seychelles

Posted on November 17, 2021

  • The one-of-a-kind project that will directly benefit the citizens of the island nation
  • MIPL will provide an organized HIS for superior patient care and efficient administrative management in 20 of these health facilities

Bombay : Manorama Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. (MIPL) India, a true digital healthcare transformation company, has been awarded a prestigious country automation project by the Ministry of Health (MoH) of the Republic of Seychelles. While taking things to the next level in clinical excellence, MIPL is working closely with the Health Agency, an initiative of the Seychelles Ministry of Health, to provide digital solutions to public hospitals in Seychelles. This will be of tremendous benefit to the citizens, who depend on various primary, secondary and tertiary health systems in the country.

A one-of-a-kind mega-project in East Africa, funded by Exim Bank, India; the implementation of MIPL’s international Lifeline suite. The project is of considerable importance, as it will provide the implementation of the Health Information Management System (HIMS) in various hospitals, clinics and wellness centers, among others for a total of 20 health facilities of this type under Ministry of Health, Seychelles Province. The SIS will be used throughout the public health service. This consists of 16 health centers spread over 3 islands and 1 main hospital (300 beds) with 6 annexes.

HIS has immense advantages including: easy retrieval of access to information, increased productivity of operations, avoiding duplicate data entry, fast registration to avoid long queue, index master of patients, improved coding and billing efficiency and accuracy, better revenue management, improved quality of healthcare, improved clinical management (diagnosis and treatment), reduced medical errors, improved outcomes for patients, improved patient satisfaction and better decision making for stakeholders.

The project cycle is CMMI ML3 compliant and is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2021. With this latest addition to its portfolio, MIPL has further strengthened its international presence, which already includes APAC, Middle -East and Africa, among others.

Speaking on development, Ashvini Danigond, Founder and CEO of Manorama Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd said, “At MIPL, we always aspire to create simple yet effective technological solutions to build a robust healthcare infrastructure. We would like to thank the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Seychelles for giving us the opportunity to be a part of their health technology effort and provide quality health care solutions for all. By establishing an integrated HIS (Health Information System), the Ministry of Health (MoH) is making the necessary commitment that should lead to improvements in the quality of health care, efficiency of delivery and delivery. access, while bringing the health care system closer. harmonization with relevant international standards.

According to the statistical information provided by the Seychelles Ministry of Health regarding the health system, the average number of registered outpatients per year is 5,000,000, the average number of registered inpatients per year is 14,000. Likewise , the average number of patients attending the emergency room per year is 30,000, while the average number of surveys undertaken per year is 6,60,000. With Manorama Infosolutions Health Information Systems (HIS), the health structure for Seychelles will have an added advantage to manage its health services transparently.

A representative of the Ministry of Health, Republic of Seychelles, said, “Our aim has been to introduce integration and innovation while aiming to improve health care and social services for all. We want the health system to play a bigger role, deliver the best possible care, and put in place frameworks that remain truly integrated. We wanted to introduce a healthcare system that is more accountable and responsive to the healthcare providers who work there and the people who use it. In this regard, MIPL has already proven itself by successfully undertaking and implementing country automation projects in various countries. This has remained one of the main motivators for us to collaborate with the India-based digital healthcare IT company. As we look to the future, our healthcare system will continue to remain central to national well-being and prosperity for years to come. “

What sets the project apart in terms of innovation is the fact that MIPL has been entrusted with the complete digitization of the patient management system and the clinical care system. Apart from this, there are many other features in the 20 hospitals including primary, secondary and tertiary care hospitals which are managed by the ministry.

As a megaproject that has the potential to take things to the next level while timely improving overall system efficiency through process digitization, MIPL’s international Lifeline suite, a hospital information management solution ( HIMS) personalized and adapted, will interface with Application of the hospital information system (SIH) in the national population database (NPD), the Treasury information system, the government HRMS, laboratory, the ASYCUDA global system and the digital signature.

MIPL has already started the process of implementing the solution and it is expected to be completed by the end of this year.


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