Magnify Media to launch new formats at Showcase


Magnify Media is set to release a list of new scripted and unscripted formats during its new formats live showcase on October 5.

Produced by Story Productions for DR3, raft of love sees ten singletons spending ten days sailing a river on a raft, meeting up with the others for festivities around a campfire. He finally seeks to answer the question: can nature help us to fall in love?

Two of a kind, from Bermuda Productions for TV2, is a guessing game format where three real estate experts compete to guess the price tags of eerily identical homes across the country.

From Joined Up Films for SBS, Is my country wronged? looks at a different national survey with each episode. Anonymous surveys cover topics such as ageism, racism, sexism, obesity and disability. It also presents a series of experiences filmed to reveal terrible behavior, but also the courage of those who stand up to prejudice.

A scripted comedy focused on the characters, In the army now focuses on new recruits in the armed forces. A comedy actor plays a series of recurring characters, including a rookie who’s watched too much Rambo films, an over-sexed psychopathic woman and a spoiled kid who brings his own silk sheets.

Norwegian-ish, from NRK Productions for NRK, tells the story of three young adults from four cultures. It’s an often fun but sometimes painful exploration of the experience of second generation immigrants.

Andrea Jackson, CEO of Magnify Media, said, “We pride ourselves on seeking distinctive formats that capture an idea or experience that resonates across cultures. Each of these formats has a recognizable truth at the heart of the idea that gives the format meaning or makes it funny. We are excited to launch these new formats during our online formats showcase on Tuesday, October 5th. “


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