Magnify Media Aligns Dating, Ownership Formats For Fall Showcase | News


Plimsoll-owned UK distributor Magnify Media has been working on a new list of scripted and unscripted formats to launch tomorrow during its new formats showcase.

Andrea jackson

The unscripted Danish pastoral show Love Raft (10 × 28 ‘), produced for Danish channel DR3, is a dating format that attempts to see if nature can make people fall in love by putting couples on river rafts for 10 days.

Two of a Kind (8 × 30 ‘), another Danish format, was produced for TV2 by Bermuda Productions in Copenhagen. The show is a guessing game in which three real estate experts travel across Denmark to compare the house that you can get for your money in different areas.

Is my country wronged? (5 × 60 ‘), produced for the Australian channel SBS by Perth prodco Joined Up Films, attempts to uncover the causes of prejudice in today’s society, covering topics such as ageism, racism, sexism, obesity and disability. Using a study conducted through an anonymous poll, the show reveals the best and worst of people’s attitudes towards intolerance.

The scripted comedy series In The Army Now (totaling 12 × 15 ‘over two seasons) is a Norwegian program produced by NRK Productions of the national broadcaster NRK and focuses on new recruits in the armed forces. The main characters are all played by comedian and actor Herman Flesvig and range from a caddy obsessed with Rambo to a psychopathic woman.

Finally, Magnify is sticking to Norwegian content with Norwegian coming-of-age series (totaling 8 × 25 ‘over two seasons). Three young adults from four different cultures find their second-generation immigrant adolescence both funny and painful. The series explores cultural identity and nationality and is also produced by NRK Productions for NRK.

Andrea Jackson, CEO of Magnify Media, said, “We pride ourselves on pursuing distinctive formats that capture an idea or experience that resonates across cultures. Each of these formats has a recognizable truth at the heart of the idea that either gives the format meaning or makes it funny.


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