Little League® Rewards Program Returns With New Volunteer Recognition Structure


After two years of suspension due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Little League® The awards program will return for the 2022 season with an updated and modernized structure to honor its dedicated volunteers.

“After two years of challenges and adversity for our local leagues and communities, we are pleased to reinstate the Little League Awards program this summer and look forward to being able to honor our dedicated volunteers under this new structure.” , said Stephen D. Keener, President and CEO of Little League. “Since the start of the pandemic, we have seen the incredible effort and commitment of our volunteers, on and off the pitch, and we want to find a way to honor these people for the service they provide to our players. and their communities of origin. every year. Although the structure of this program has changed, honoring and recognizing our volunteers is more important than ever, and we look forward to honoring these individuals with these awards in 2022 and beyond.

Under the new structure, previous “Volunteer of the Year” recognition awards (including Volunteer, Softball Volunteer, Howard and Gail Paster Urban Initiative Volunteer, Challenger Division Volunteer, Good Sport Award and Mom of the Year) will now be honored with greater “Volunteer(s) of the Year” recognition tied to the new Little League Community Heroes program.

Launched in 2020, the Little League Community Heroes program ( is a year-long celebration of dedicated Little League volunteers who step up not only as Little League volunteers, but also those who make greater contributions as role models within their community. Starting in 2022, volunteers who are nominated for the Community Heroes program throughout the year will also become eligible to be recognized as Volunteers of the Year at the 2022 Little League World Series, a varying number of people winning the honor every year. . As part of this new structure, recipients of the Volunteer of the Year award(s) will also receive a $1,000 grant to their local league/district as a thank you for their dedicated efforts.

In addition to the Volunteer(s) of the Year awards, Little League International will continue to recognize recipients of its Signature Awards, where applicable, which include:

Each summer, Little League International will also continue to honor a local Little League community that goes above and beyond with its annual Carl E. Stotz Little League Community Award. This award is focused on a Little League community that creates a player-centric culture and is aligned with the goals of the Little League International Strategic Plan. The recipient league that wins this award will also receive a $5,000 grant to support their efforts.

Once again in 2022, Little League will also honor one team participating in both Little League Baseball® World Series and Little League Softball® World Series for their sportsmanship with the Jack Losch Team Sportsmanship Award and the Girls with Game Team Sportsmanship Award, respectively.

Finally, Little League International will also continue to honor the top two leagues from each of the five regions of the United States with the annual A Safety Awareness Plan (ASAP) awards, honoring leagues that take their ASAP plans to the next level to provide a safe environment and pleasant experience for all its members.

For more information on the Little League Awards program, as well as eligibility details on each award and how you can nominate someone, please visit


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