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A recent letter stated that the 2020 election results were based on a registered voter population of 134.6 million with actual votes of 155.1 million using figures developed by a third party in December 2020. I would be of agreement with the author assuming that the main source used could be reproduced by comparing it with other independent sources.

The number of registered voters in millions from multiple sources for the 2020 election is: 168.3, 206.5, 215.0, 195 – 215, 213.8 from US Census Bureau, Reuters, PolitiFact, Associated Press and World Population Review respectively. These numbers, from bottom to top, simply indicate that the total number of votes in the 2020 election did not exceed the number of registered voters. Additionally, Reuters and PolitiFact each verified the nearly identical numbers in the first paragraph from social media posts and could not verify the statistics. The number used for the total number of voters of 155.1 million has been accepted by all organizations cited here.

When figures from different sources coalesce around a higher number of registered voters, it becomes clear that the thesis presented in the first paragraph is flawed and underlines the danger of relying on a single source of information to make worth a point. Moreover, we always need several sources of information for comparison to determine whether a thesis is true or false.

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Therefore, voters in 2020 have not exceeded registered voters and there is no reason for another bureaucracy to solve a problem that does not exist in America.


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