Leak Source Claims Potentially Insane Nvidia 4090 Ti(?) Specs


With the Nvidia 4000 series of graphics cards slated for release around October/November this year, it’s admittedly a bit surprising that we haven’t seen more leaks/information surrounding them yet. – I mean, overall, we already know some solid details about them and mainly the fact that they will be moving to a new “Ada Lovelace” architecture.

In terms of specifications for the planned models, however, there is, for the most part, nothing. – It is, perhaps, until now. – Following a Twitter post by a reliable leak source’@kopite7kimi‘ they have suggested some details for a future graphics card which, due to their borderline obscene nature, can surely only be representative of the 4090 Ti!

Nvidia 30XX LHR graphics card

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090Ti

Admittedly, and for the sake of balance, the source did not state categorically that the details provided will be be where are Nvidia 4090 Ti likely to come. – If the information they provided is accurate, it is hard to ignore any other possibility. – Citing it as a “full-fat” version of the AD102 SKU, the GPU will feature 48GB (yes forty eight gigabytes) of 24 Gbps GDDR6X memory. Additionally, the source also claims that it will require 2 x 16 pin connectors which by proxy could potentially mean that whatever graphics card i.e., it could potentially have a TGP as high as 900W.

And just to put that in context, that’s double what we currently see on the 3090 Ti (450TGP).

What do we think?

Given the current insane nature of the Nvidia 3090 Ti, it always seemed likely that Nvidia was going to push the boat even further with the 4090 Ti. However, if it requires that much power, I dread to think how big this GPU will be. I mean, the 3090 Ti is a pretty big creature because it gobbles up (more or less) 3-4 PCIe slots. – With a 900W TGP potential, this 4090 Ti potential will require a hell plenty of cooling that even the (rather) fancy new 3000 series system probably won’t be able to handle!

Overall though, we will love see this graphics card in action. When it comes to succeeding, Nvidia will certainly have their work cut out for them!

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