Launch of Virtual Career Quest on November 4


The 2021 Virtual Career Quest begins Thursday, November 4 and aims to help students learn more about future high school career paths and areas.

The event is open to all grade eight to tenth grade students in Williamson County schools and to grade eight students in the Franklin Special School District.

“These eighth grade students will soon start enrolling in their high school classes, and this is the first step in ensuring that their future interests, skills and career choices align,” said the projects coordinator WCS Specials, Kris Schneider. “It’s a great way for students to learn more about the college, vocational and technical (CCTE) courses available. “

Students use a program called YouScience in eighth and tenth grades to explore careers and pathways that match their interests. Career Quest aims to bridge the gap between YouScience data and available classes and careers.

This year, students will have the opportunity to interact with high school teachers in their school zones through Zoom. In addition to high school information, students will be able to explore employment opportunities in the area.

Career Quest will be open until May 2022. For more information, email Schneider.

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