Lagos denies having assigned coastal roads to a permanent structure


The Lagos state government has denied insinuations that it is allocating land for permanent structures on the Lekki / Epe coastal road in the Eti-Osa local government area to private developers.

He said the state government only allows temporary structures on the land pending the start of construction on the coastal road to prevent people from turning the land into slums that pose security threats.

There have been allegations in some quarters that the Lagos State government has sold the land or given its approval for people to build on it.

But Lagos State Information and Strategy Commissioner Gbenga Omotoso, speaking to reporters at the Lagos site, assured people that the Lagos State government is not l was not allocated to the development of permanent structures on the route of the coastal road.

Omotoso, who was accompanied by Lagos State Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Dr Idris Salako, and other government officials during the site visit, said the outcry and unrest was legitimate.

Omotoso, however, said the government allowed temporary structures on the land to prevent criminals from occupying it.
He said: “There have been allegations that the government has allocated land to people for other uses. I want to say that there was no allocation of land here. What we have done is allow people to use this place temporarily.

“No one is allowed to build a permanent structure here; what you see here are temporary structures. Whenever we need to continue work on the coastal road, work will continue. No one is allowed to build something permanent here.

“There have been legitimate complaints and anxiety. But compared to the first space we visited which was occupied by disbelievers – they had already been sent to pack their bags – this place is free from disbelievers. The government will not allow them to continue there, however.

“So, in order for us to keep this environment safe, we have allowed the people who can use this place as a temporary base. We have allowed some people to build temporary structures here as long as they use the space for good causes. We don’t want shacks sprouting up here. We don’t want people whose character and nature we don’t know to take over the earth.

“So it’s not true that the government allocates land to people on a permanent basis; what they are doing here is temporary and it will be temporary until it is time to build the coastal road and everything that is there is done away with. “


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