If You Use Bitcoin, Consider Supporting These Critical Open Source Projects


Bitcoin’s philosophy is made possible by a range of critical open source software projects. Consider supporting this list of 30 such projects.

Our greatest asset as Bitcoiners is the thriving open source community that makes this movement possible. Open source software empowers individuals around the world while remaining independent from governments and big corporations that are constantly trying to track, censor and control us. Many of these projects are not for profit and do not have large budgets to support them. Instead, they rely on an ever-growing network of individuals around the world who devote their time and energy to developing them, often without compensation.

So how can those of us who support Bitcoin help support the imperative work of these projects? With Bitcoin 2022, for example, our goal has been to host the largest Bitcoin-focused event in history that is both accessible and welcoming to newcomers, while remaining true to the Bitcoin ethos and open source (disclaimer: Bitcoin 2022 is operated by BTC Inc, which also operates Bitcoin Magazine).

With this mission in mind, it’s clear that we should support contributors and open source projects as much as we can. For us, this effort started with a dedicated conference room at our event focused solely on open source projects and the importance of free and open source software (FOSS). In October, we launched our free open source ticket program, offering $1 million in conference passes to open source contributors to select projects. We have since added 24 additional projects now eligible for the free open-source ticket program.

The 30 projects highlighted below are, in our opinion, some of the most critical to the advancement of Bitcoin. Readers should consider supporting these projects in their own way, and those who committed to their open source codebase before October 1, 2021 can check out these commitments and claim a free four-day Bitcoin 2022 pass here.

(The projects below are listed in alphabetical order.)

1. Bisq

A decentralized bitcoin exchange that allows you to trade bitcoins for dollars, euros, or shitcoins directly with another person without providing intimate personal information to an exchange.

2. Bitcoin Beach Wallet

A community driven wallet with a simple interface built on a multisig custodian with keys held by trusted members of the community.

3. Bitcoin Core

The reference client and the backbone of the bitcoin network – both a node and a wallet.

4. Blixt Wallet

A powerful yet user-friendly Lightning wallet available on Android and iOS.

5. Blue Wallet

A powerful mobile wallet available on Android and iPhone that is both easy to use and packed with advanced user features including multisig.

6.Brain OS

Custom firmware that gives users more control over their bitcoin mining ASICs, including a more profitable return on investment.

7. Breez Wallet

An easy-to-use Lightning wallet available on Android and iPhone that includes Podcasting 2.0 and point-of-sale capability.

8. BTCPay Server

A point of sale system that allows users to accept bitcoins for goods and services easily and reliably.

9. C-lightning

One of the main implementations of Lightning, which leverages plug-ins to give you additional functionality and control.

10. Lightning

A Scala-based, mobile-focused Lightning implementation.

11. Electres

A simple and powerful way to use your own Bitcoin node with a variety of wallets and tools. Electra is built into most dedicated full node implementations.

12. Electrum

A powerful desktop wallet that can be used in a variety of ways, including hardware, multisig, and lightning wallets.

13. Immortan

A minimal, privacy-focused, savvy implementation of the Lightning Network protocol aimed specifically at powering Lite Lightning nodes, which are mostly found on mobile phones or desktop computers and only run private channels.

14. Join the market

A decentralized CoinJoin implementation that provides users with additional privacy through building collaborative transactions without a centralized server.


A library that allows you to create a Lightning node without worrying about correctly implementing low-level Lightning logic. LDK is based on Rust-Lightning, a comprehensive yet incredibly flexible Lightning implementation, letting you decide how to use it.

16.LNB bits

A platform that makes it easy to integrate Lightning into a wide variety of situations.


The most popular Lightning Network implementation currently available.

18. Mempool

A direct view of the current status of the Bitcoin network that can easily be used with your own node.

19. Mercury Wallet

A privacy-focused wallet that uses a concept called statechains to allow users to trade bitcoins off-chain with minimal fees.

20. Muun Wallet

An extremely easy to use mobile wallet on Android and iPhone that works with both traditional Bitcoin and Lightning payments.

21. Nix-Bitcoin

A collection of Nix packages and NixOS modules to easily install full bitcoin nodes with a focus on security.

22. Nodl

A powerful yet easy to use 24/7 Bitcoin node.

23. RaspiBlitz

A bitcoin full node implementation that makes it easy to use Lightning and JoinMarket.

24. Ronin Dojo

A full Bitcoin node implementation that supports Electrum and easy Samourai wallet integration via QR code and Tor.

25. Samurai Wallet

A privacy-focused Android wallet that facilitates the use of collaborative transactions to improve on-chain privacy. Samourai also makes it easy to use your own node with a QR and Tor code pairing process.

26. SeedSigner

A hardware wallet with a display and camera that you can build yourself for around $50. If you want a bigger screen and smart card support, you can build a Specter in a DIY wat for around $250.

27. Sparrow Wallet

A complete desktop wallet compatible with Electrum servers. It works with all major hardware wallets, including multisig setups, and has built-in support for PayNym, PayJoin, and Whirlpool CoinJoin.

28. Spectrum Wallet

A desktop wallet that makes it easy to use any hardware wallet with your own node, including multisig setups.

29. Tor

A network focused on preventing surveillance and censorship that is often used by Bitcoin projects.

30. Zeus

The easiest way to interact with your own Lightning Full Node on Android and iPhone.

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