ICC bans Brendan Taylor for 3.5 years from all formats of cricket; Read the statement here


On Monday, former Zimbabwean captain Brendan Taylor said he was blackmailed by an Indian businessman. He had also revealed that the International Cricket Council (ICC) would issue an official statement announcing the ban on his cricketing career. Today, Friday, the ICC released a statement in which it said Taylor would be banned from all forms of cricket for three and a half years.

“Brendan Taylor has been handed a three-and-a-half-year ban from all forms of cricket after accepting four counts of ICC anti-corruption code violations and a separate anti-doping code violation charge. He accepted the sanctions after admitting various Anti-Corruption Code violations, while a separate Anti-Doping Code violation charge was brought against him for a positive test result for the stimulant Benzoylecognine, a metabolite of cocaine. , in September of last year.”

The four charges to which Taylor pleaded guilty

The statement went on to say: “The first of Taylor’s anti-corruption offenses was to fail to disclose” (without undue delay) the receipt of any gift, payment, hospitality or other advantage that (a) the participant knew or ought to have known was given to them to obtain a breach of the Code or (b) which was done or given in circumstances which might bring the participant or the sport of cricket into disrepute”. Taylor was also guilty of failing to disclose” ( without unnecessary delay), a receipt for gifts/entertainment worth US$750 or more, regardless of the circumstances under which they were given.”

The statement further read: “The third charge was not to disclose ‘(without unnecessary delay) full details of the approach received to engage in corrupt conduct under the Code’, including in relation to a then-coming series against Sri Lanka and/or Bangladesh In the fourth and final count, Taylor breached the Code by obstructing or delaying an investigation by the Anti-Corruption Unit, including by “concealing , falsifying or destroying any documentation or other information which may be relevant to this investigation and/or which may constitute evidence” or may lead to the discovery of evidence of acts of corruption under the ICC Anti-Corruption Code”.

ICC Integrity Unit Managing Director says ‘Brendan knew what his obligations were’

Alex Marshall, director general of the ICC’s integrity unit, said that since Taylor has performed and attended so many anti-corruption seminars, he knew what his obligation was. “Brendan is a former international captain who represented Zimbabwe for 17 years. In such a long career he has attended many anti-corruption and anti-doping education sessions and knew exactly what his obligations were under anti-corruption and anti-doping law of the ICC. It is disappointing that a player of his experience chose not to fulfill these obligations, however, he accepted all the charges, which was reflected in the sanction”, Marshall said.

Statement by Brendan Taylor

The former Zimbabwean captain said he was blackmailed into spot-fixing by an Indian businessman. He took to social media and explained that he had traveled to India and waited “baited” to do cocaine with said businessman and his colleagues. These people recorded him and then blackmailed him, asking him to commit a spot-fixing. He claims he then returned to Zimbabwe and did not report the incident to the ICC for four months, but “did not participate in any form of spot-fixing”. However, he eventually reported it to the ICC.

Brendan Taylor’s Career So Far

Taylor played a total of 284 international matches for Zimbabwe between 2004 and 2021. In those matches, he managed to score 9,938 points with an average of 34.15 and a strike rate of 72.81. He also scored 17 centuries and 57 half-centuries in international matches.

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