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The Tatar Drama Theater presented two experimental productions

Photo: Rinat Nazmetdinov

Two new plays in an unusual format – The Poetic Evening The Formula of Beauty and The Performance of Spectators with theatergoers, not actors, were presented over the weekend on the small stage of the Kamal Theater. Read more in Realnoe Vremya’s report.

How the actor beat the chemical technologist

Iltazar Mukhamatgaliyev, who usually plays hesitant people roles in Kamal Theater, also seems to be the same in real life. In any case, in the Formula of Beauty, he plays himself. He came with the evening during the pandemic-related lockdown by actively reading verses, while Mukhamatgaliyev knows a lot. His wife and colleague Lyaysan Rakhmova helped him. Sergey Skomorokhov was responsible for the laconic scenography. Lighting artist Leyla Mukhamatgaliyeva, the artist’s daughter, studies lighting design at the Moscow Art Theater School.

Yet the action starts in a very classic way, with an invitation to the world of poetry. However, the actor reads in a way where there are fewer doubts – he reads without airs and graces, without aspiration, but with unexpected pauses. In a word, as if he were doing it in someone’s kitchen remembering words that don’t immediately come to mind. There are almost 30 verses, Yoldyz Minnullina, Gamil Afzal, Khadi Taktash are among the authors. There are many poems by Mudarris Aglyamov and Lena Shakirzyanova.


He reads the verse from Afzal In the Light of Neon: 20and Century is the era of science and equipment and shifts to a short lecture. There will be several conferences. In particular, Mukhametgaliyev holds a degree in chemical technologist, he will tell you about electrons and the golden ratio showing harmony, beauty can be explained by power. Moreover, he speaks freely, not according to the script, he complains about chalk, too small a board. It proves that the Volga is a beautiful and inspiring river by measuring its length and extreme points.

Mukhametgaliyev does not give incredible information, however, it creates a new perspective on the poetic evening. However, there are recordings of rain, piano, pieces of music, and this is not in favor of the evening. The author seemed to promise poetic action, and other genre encrustations make it a cover ant. For example, after a verse about a fortune teller, a bayan, guitar, double bass appear, and gypsy music plays. Mukhametgaliyev also begins to read Elisey Godovikov’s verses with a long prologue that the child prodigy wrote when he was 5 years old. By the way, now he is an adult, a serious man. In a nutshell, at a certain point, the emotions take over — you didn’t seem to come to the usual emotions. The action will be shown every month.


Memes, selfies and cardboard Emil Talipov

Something similar happens at The Audience Show. The play was first presented to competitors in an open competition for the new Kamal Theater building.

The theater’s chief director, Farid Bikchantayev, told one of the press conferences that he decided to invite Ksenia Shachnyova after seeing the play The Real Tatar at the MOÑ theater festival on which she had also worked. Here Gyulnara Fazliakhmetova, who played in Real Tatar, helps her here. The principle is the same, the actors are ordinary citizens, this time they are fans of the Kamal Theater. They play seated in the usual rows of the small room, while the spectators watch them from the stage. A Tatar speech is heard, but it seems that it was agreed during the two months of preparation, Russian words also appear.

11 new actresses and one actor are in the final version (it is written that there were three men, but the others fell out). So towering stylist Ismail Safiulov takes up the rap.

The play is a series of episodes, sociological investigations and monologues. For example, it can be learned that all the heroes have different professions – there is a photographer, a teacher, a journalist, an employee of a travel agency. Or that many don’t always hear the actors’ lines. One of the investigations goes as follows: the heroes sit in the last seats, and when they can answer a question posed to them, they move closer until the two meet in the middle.

Photo: Rinat Nazmetdinov

Also, with the help of video, a combination of rap and racing, fantasies about the future,” the play adds thoughts if the Kamal Theater were to move, which would happen in the old building. It turns out to be an animated paper note that will be interesting to listen to when the future is here.

Finally, the monologues. The first performance didn’t have two actresses, so we didn’t see the final monologue about a viewer who dreamed of becoming an actress but became a teacher. However, there was a story about theater memes. One of them explained the difficulty of a Tatar expression that could be translated as “to the devil”. Obviously, it ironically explores Tatar folklore and psychological trauma. In another monologue, a drawing teacher explained how she dreamed of working next to the theater, already performing on stage and even being on the roof. Also, she understood what the main character of Immortal Love loved so much.

In the third monologue, a girl who we can guess is a student of an arts faculty showed how he performed a dramatic episode of the play Love FM with a cardboard figure of Emil Talipov. Finally, sitting in the middle of the room, the stylist scolded the firecrackers who weren’t dressed properly for a play. Translators from English and Tatar seem to talk about their work. It all lacked a culmination and a person to be associated with, but maybe that’s an indicator of the selection, it’s the average viewer, comedies, melodramas are staged for them and the Formula of Beauty. We would like the actors to remember that they are spectators, that is why they are appreciated. We would like to tell Iltazar as an actor that his chemical technologist is very important to us.

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