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the Yu Gi Oh ! TCG has come a long way in almost 20 years. One thing fans are clamoring for are the alternate formats. Whether it’s a return to older formats or just variations like Commander in Magic: The Gathering, fans want different ways to play. Konami recently gave fans an early Christmas present as their wish has been granted for official support for alternative formats.

On December 22, Konami announced 5 alternative formats that official tournament stores can support as sanctioned events. Most fans learned through a video from Mkohl40 and a screenshot of said video shared on Twitter by MBT (both included at the bottom of the page). However, there was a lot of skepticism surrounding this news as there was no word from Konami.

I left and called OTS agencies across the country and after three statements they hadn’t heard of anything (two of them explaining that it was possible they just didn’t. not seen due to the holiday craziness), I contacted an OTS who confirmed that the ad was real and that they are already planning events using these new formats.

They were also kind enough to send me information about the new formats. You can run the official Yu Gi Oh ! the Neuron app and see if there are any local events for the new formats coming up near you, but below I want to talk about each of the new formats one by one.

Really quickly, before I get into the formats, I want to mention that many think the ad came because Yu Gi Oh ! Master duel coming out this winter. With these new formats being officially sanctioned, it is assumed that these formats will be available in the next game. I think that would be great.

Time assistant

The Time Wizard format is a way for OTS to sanction retro format tournaments. The framework of the tournament will revolve around the rules and mechanics of the game as they were played at a specific time! All that is required when setting up the tournament is the prohibited and limited list used, and the last legal set. For example, if Time Wizard returned to the US National Championship in 2005, the tournament would use the banned and limited list from April 2005 and the last legal set would be Dark Beginnings 2.

If you want to go back to your favorite TCG era, this format is for you. Your OTS will be able to choose a point in time and organize a tournament for it. The biggest times for this will most certainly be the Goat, Edison, and Reaper formats, but it’s worth noting that the OTS can pick any time to play. With the rise in popularity of YouTube series like Progression Series and the History of Yu-Gi-Oh!, I think it’s a big move. Which era would you like to revisit?

Heart of the Outsider

As Duelists test their Deck building skills, they often find that some Decks are more powerful than others. Currently, the Drytron and Tri-Brigade decks are quite powerful. For Heart of the Underdog format events, OTS determines which Deck types Duelists are not allowed to use for the event, such as Drytron or Tri ‐ Brigade. Duelists then compete against each other using less frequently used Deck types, allowing for a more relaxed tournament where Duelists can enjoy new and interesting card interactions and explore fun Archetypes that normally don’t make a difference in competitive events. .

This format is ideal for people who might be fed up with the current metagame. It could give rogue decks a better chance to shine and a lot of people are thrilled for it. Again, note that the OTS decides what is not allowed. If you were running an OTS, what wouldn’t you allow?

Common charity

For Common Charity format events, Duelists should build a Deck using only Common cards. This applies to all parts of the Deck – the Main Deck, Side Deck and Extra Deck. This is similar to the Caste Party Pegasus Challenge format but is limited to community cards instead of allowing Duelists to select the Rarity of their Deck.

The Gouki will probably rule this format. I’m going to be honest, I think they should have just picked the Caste Party Pegasus Challenge format and allowed OTS locations to choose the rarity of the event. That being said, Common is the most accessible. I also imagine it’s surprisingly powerful with all the reprints that downgraded powerful cards. Will Gouki remain the top of the community cards?

Bridge master

Based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime arc when Noah Kaiba brought Yugi and his friends to a virtual world to Duel, each Duel allowed Duelists to select a Deck Master to help them in several ways. Duelists start each Match by selecting a monster to serve as a Deck Master.

The Deck Master begins every game outside of the Deck.

All of the monster’s effects apply as if the monster were face-up on the field.

Duelists can Normal Summon the Deck Master to the field, ignoring any Summoning requirements, whenever they could Normal Summon a monster.

No Sacrifices are required for high level monsters, and no materials are required for Fusion Monsters, Synchro Monsters, Xyz Monsters, and Link Monsters

If the Deck Master is destroyed, the Duelist loses the Game.

It’s a format I’ve wanted to get real for a long time, but I never thought it would happen. The reason I never thought this would happen is because it would take a lot of work on Konami’s part to create good Deck Masters, potentially including making new versions of classic cards. The way it’s presented here, there are some real issues. I imagine Konami will release a banned and limited list for this format (as well as Common Charity), but as it is, normal monsters will probably never (or extremely rarely) be used and some flood monsters will rule. probably on the format as a deck. Mastery. Spell Canceller will prevent either player from using Spell Cards which are very important in the game, Jinzo will stop the Trap Cards, then Vanity’s Fiend will stop the two Special Summon players which locks the duelists out of the game. the Extra Deck and many cards and strategies or Vanity’s Ruler which only prevents your opponent from Special Summoning. Once you consider the fact that the Deck Master doesn’t need to be summoned at all times and is just continuously emitting its effect, that’s a bit of a problem for now. The Konami team will surely reveal that these very powerful valves will not be usable as Deck Masters, will they?

Rivalry of warlords

We’re excited to announce a new program you’ll want to join in: Rivalry of Warlords! This will be a fun and easy way to introduce Duelists to themes that they may not have played fluently. For each theme, KDE ‐ US will provide the OTS with a manual that includes a decklist, a guide on how to play with the deck, tips and tricks, and ways the Duelist can improve the deck if it is. decides to build it himself. To kick off the program, we’ve created 11 textbooks, including Amazement, Time Thief, 3 Musketeers of Face Cards, and more. These manuals will be available for download on the OTS portal.[.] In addition to the Alternative Formats Installation Guide, the portal offers product posters and additional resources for using OTS.

OTS will be able to build Decks largely from cards they already have in hand. These Decks would then be loaned to Duelists for them to play in Rivalry of Warlords tournaments. To play, each Duelist will be assigned a random theme and will have 10 minutes (or more) to go through the manual to become familiar with that theme. This will be a great program for the casual player who is looking to play but may not have their own Deck.

This program is intended to promote a fun yet relaxed format and will feature cards from recent series that cannot be used in a highly competitive game. Duelists would have fun new themes to play with while generating interest and sales for these cards!

This new format is really cool. As the copy indicates, it really has the potential to introduce new people to the game or help people who haven’t played in a while get used to the game in a more relaxed environment. Duelists don’t have to worry about building a deck, spending tons of cash to get staples, and / or having their first / old deck leagues behind others. I wish the decklists were public (at the moment they are only available to OTS managers), but that’s how it is. I also love how the program is designed to highlight decks that most people probably wouldn’t play in a tournament with the OTS without having to think too much or discuss what should and shouldn’t be. authorized.

Which of these new Yu Gi Oh ! formats are you most excited to play?


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