Hamilton City Council Representation Structure Confirmed


The representation structure proposed by Hamilton City Council has been approved by the Local Government Commission.

The Council received five appeals against its initial proposal, two of which were put forward by the Commission.

The Council table will be made up of twelve councilors from the headquarters (six in the east quarter and six in the west), two councilors from the town-wide Maaori quarter of Kirikiriroa and the mayor.

The decision of non-registered Maaori voters to choose the General List or the Maaori List will now determine who they can vote for in local elections. Kei a koe te tikanga. It’s up to you. You will find more information about what this means here.

Voting opens in September, but Council urges Hamiltonians to verify their registration or register for the first time.

“If you’ve moved or just turned 18, take five minutes for your future and check your registration online,” said Michelle Hawthorne, Head of Governance and Assurance. “Local elections are important – the people we elect will not only lead Hamilton over the next three years, but they will also make important decisions for the future.”

Hamilton will also launch a new voting system in the 2022 local elections. This year, voters will rank candidates in numerical order (1,2,3…) under the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system.

At a hearing on March 8, the Local Government Commission heard two appeals against the council’s decision on representation arrangements.

The Commission has confirmed the Council’s proposal and approved the representation arrangements for the 2022 local elections.

The new representation arrangements will be introduced for local government elections in October this year.

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