HADIS (HIV / AIDS Disease Information System)


HADIS, the HIV / AIDS Disease Information System, is a patient-centered system that includes the counseling and testing form, condom distribution form, and patient re-engagement form.

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Advice and test form

The counseling and testing form is used to collect pre-test and post-test information about clients receiving tests from providers who use CDC-funded test kits. If you are a CLIA-certified HIV / AIDS healthcare provider funded for testing under a CDC grant, you can request access to HADIS through the ADPH Security Portal. Go to Create an account and follow the instructions.

The old paper HIV testing and counseling forms (serology form CL-109 / addendum) are no longer used as models for data collection. An updated data collection template has been created to include all required / updated variables that must be submitted when using the CDC-funded and ADPH-provided test kits. The updated data collection model can be used to collect the required data. Once the data has been collected, the information must be entered directly into HADIS or into your agency’s internal system. You are not required to use this form unless it is useful to you. You have the option of entering the data directly into HADIS or entering all the required data into your agency’s internal system. If you enter the data into your agency’s system, you will need to provide ADPH with an XML file containing all the required data. Please contact us for more information.

Please ensure that all required questions are answered completely, including post-test questions for HIV negative and HIV positive clients (including preliminary HIV positive). Please ensure that you enter all data collected in HADIS or your agency’s internal system. Do not return paper forms to ADPH. Hard copies of the updated data collection template can be ordered by contacting the ADPH warehouse. Please reference form number 182. You also have the option of printing your own copies:

An accompanying document with descriptions of the variables is available.

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Instructions for completing the updated counseling and testing data collection template

Data submission

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Condom distribution form

The condom distribution form is used to collect information on the quantity and type of condoms ordered and demographic information on the population to whom the condoms will be distributed. If you are an approved site provider, you can order condoms by contacting the Director of HIV Prevention. You must request access to HADIS through the ADPH security portal and once you have gained access you must enter all the required information on the condom distribution form.


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Patient re-engagement form

The patient re-engagement form contains a list of clients for HIV managers to follow up. These clients must meet the following criteria: diagnosed within the past 6 to 14 months, have not been interviewed by disease intervention specialists (DIS), are not actively enrolled in the Alabama AIDS Drug Assistance (ADAP) program and have not had a cd4 or viral load performed since the date of diagnosis.

Criteria for including clients on the patient re-engagement list


For technical support, please contact HADIS technical support.

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