Hackers claim massive Samsung leak, including encryption keys and source code


Lapsus$, the group that targeted Nvidia, claims responsibility

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Hacking group Lapsus$ recently targeted Nvidia, demanding that the chipmaker remove a feature from some GPUs that limits hash rates when mining Ethereum cryptocurrency. The hackers made it clear they had the goods by first disclosing Nvidia’s internal email handles and cryptographically hashed passwords, then setting a deadline of March 4. Slippage $ doesn’t stop there – now Samsung is under the gun, and the valuable source code is at stake again.

The new leak is detailed in a report by Bleeping Computer, which calls Lapsus$ an “extortion gang” and claims the group initially posted a screenshot of Samsung’s software code, then detailed what was exfiltrated. servers from the South Korean electronics giant. The stolen information appears to include vital information, including algorithms for all biometric unlock operations, bootloader source code for new Samsung products, and all the source code behind the Samsung account authorization and authentication process.


It’s a bad violation if all the statements are true. The data is said to be available as a torrent, with Lapsus$ packing it into compressed files totaling almost 190GB. proof of a ransom demand. The chat is also out of the bag, as more than 400 peers are said to be sharing the information and the hackers have indicated their intention to increase download speeds with additional servers.

It’s an open question as to how consumers will view this hack, but you don’t need to understand the programming or the finer details of cybersecurity to see why this could be a blow to one of the biggest brands. world electronics, the Nasdaq. com reports that Nvidia’s breach definitely impacted the chipmaker’s results, with its shares closing lower than the rest of the market on Friday. Samsung could find out the real dollar value of the damage when markets open on Monday.

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