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Today, Venture Corporation Limited (the “Company” or “Venture”, and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group” announced changes to its senior executive lineup. improved foreground will be aligned with

the Group’s vision of leading its next phase of growth through various ecosystems of dynamic interests.

In recent years, the Company has launched several initiatives to transform and

deepen its participation in selected technological fields. Work continues on new

avenues to assimilate Venture’s intrinsic technological expertise in the predominant areas of life science technology, healthcare devices and equipment, genomics and emerging areas of robotics, automation, artificial intelligence and semiconductor related equipment.

The Council recognizes that in order to address emerging realities and challenges, the

The executive management of the company must work collaboratively and in a focused manner towards common goals and objectives, merging mature wisdom with contemporary talent.

Mr. Wong Ngit Liong (“Mr. Wong NL”) will step down as Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”), while remaining Executive Chairman of the Board, and will assume a defined executive role. Taking into account his long-standing experience in the sector, his in-depth business knowledge and his long-term vision, the board of directors affirms that at this stage of the transformation of the Group, the management of Mr. Wong NL to drive the Group’s well-designed, multi-faceted and multi-year strategy is pivotal.

The current Chief Operating Officer (“COO”), Mr. Lee Ghai Keen, will be promoted to CEO. Mr. Wong Chee Kheong, currently Senior Vice President of Group Health & Wellness, Global Supply Base Management & IT, will be appointed COO.

All changes will take effect from January 1, 2022.

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In his executive role, Mr. Wong NL will remain accessible to share his wisdom, harness his connectivity and leverage his enduring experience in the ever-changing technological space. He will help Mr. Lee Ghai Keen evolve in his new role as CEO and strengthen Mr. Lee’s leadership within the Group.

As Chairman, Mr. Wong NL will continue to provide stewardship and strategic direction to the Board of Directors; drive efficiency and commitment to ensure sustained long-term growth for Venture; promote high standards of corporate governance; encourage constructive participation among members; and ensure that the overriding interests of all stakeholders are properly assessed and taken into account.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, the Chair of the Nominating Committee, Ms. Kay Kuok Oon Kwong, said:

“At this crucial stage in the strategic evolution of the Company, the Board considers that the maintenance of the presidency of Mr. Wong NL is essential to define the orientations.

Working closely with Mr. Lee Ghai Keen and senior management, Mr. Wong NL will leverage his enduring institutional knowledge and latent business acumen to foster

goodwill with current and potential sales associates to design

strategic opportunities for the Venture Group. He will also be available as a mentor to Mr. Lee to facilitate Board decision-making, ensuring that management’s proposals are sound and well considered, and that the Group’s operations are conducted in the ‘best way. -in-class ”.


In line with long-term integrated talent development and the company’s structured approach to developing competent and knowledgeable employees in business, Mr. Lee Ghai Keen, the current COO, will assume the role of CEO in the next fiscal year. And Mr. Wong Chee Kheong, will be promoted to COO, succeeding Mr. Lee Ghai Keen.

With their combined experience of over 38 years in the Company, the Board is confident that they will be able to successfully lead the Group in the years to come, continuing the good work of Mr. Wong NL.

Mr. Wong NL commented:

“Venture’s track record demonstrates that business success, passionate commitment

engaging in cutting edge technology and cohesive teamwork can integrate effectively for success. I look forward to expanding the leadership group and injecting dynamism and drive into the company to reach new heights of excellence.

Given Ghai Keen’s extensive experience in growing new businesses in electronics

and advancing the technology sectors and his leadership in Venture’s R&D efforts, I am confident that he will be able to build and lead an effective team to accelerate growth and value creation

for all stakeholders.

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Chee Kheong, on the other hand, has considerable experience in various companies

sectors, from the direction of development and manufacturing of critical products to the realization of strategic procurements and the supervision of the IT activities of the Group. These will serve him

well in his new appointment.

We will announce details of other key appointments as they are finalized. ”

Two panels made up of specialists in selected fields were set up to support the Group’s strategic orientations.

The expert group is made up of eminent scientists and engineers with eminent qualifications and a high professional level in selected areas of expertise to guide the Group’s R&D initiatives. The advisory group will support the company’s investment committee on business planning and strategic initiatives for, among others, evaluate viable investments in diversified portfolios.

With the addition of these panels, the objectives of the investment committee have been strengthened. It will focus on the prudent and optimal use of the Company’s available reserves (which are not allocated to investment or working capital needs) and / or access alternative financing, for targeted investments, including development activities. merger and acquisition, in opportunities that generate value.

The board also reconstituted its audit committee and its nomination committee, ensuring that the chairman of each of these committees and the majority members are independent directors.

Given the Company’s commitment to best practices in governance, Ms. Tan Seok Hoong

  • Ms. Audrey Liow will succeed Mr. Koh Lee Boon as Lead Independent Director effective January 1, 2022. In line with the Company’s efforts to continually boost Board bandwidth, Mr. Chua Kee Lock, a renowned and experienced business leader, was recently appointed to the board of directors.

The company today released announcements about the changes to executive management and the reconstituted board committees.

“No challenge is too great when the goal

And the partnership come together ”

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Venture Corporation Limited (“Business“or the”Group“) was established in 1989 as an electronic service provider after the merger of three companies. Today it is a leading global provider of technology services, products and solutions with established capabilities spanning research marketing, design and development, product and process engineering, design for manufacturability, supply chain management, as well as product refurbishment and technical support in a wide range of technological fields.

Based in Singapore, the Group comprises over 30 companies with global clusters in South East Asia, North East Asia, America and Europe and employs over 12,000 people worldwide.

The Group has built up know-how and intellectual property with expertise in several technological fields. These include life sciences, genomics, molecular diagnostics, medical devices and equipment, health and wellness technologies, consumer technologies, health enhancement products, instrumentation, test and measurement technologies, networks and communications, financial technologies, as well as computer, printing and imaging technologies. . The Group manages a portfolio of more than 5,000 products and solutions and continues to develop in new technological fields thanks to its collaborations with clients and partners in ecosystems of selected interests.

Venture is a strategic partner of choice for more than 100 global companies, including Fortune 500 companies. It ranks among the best in value chain management for large electronics companies. The Group is committed to improving its skills by investing more in technologies, market access capabilities, its staff and by developing connectivity with other research-intensive companies and organizations / institutions in its ecosystems. ‘interests. It is fast becoming one of the leading providers of advanced technology in an ever-changing world.

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