Flint demolishes structure targeted for illegal dumping


FLINT, Mich. (WNEM) – Flint officials say one site has been the target of illegal dumping lately, and it’s been an eyesore.

City leaders say they have a plan to fight the scourge using funds from the US bailout.

A Flint resident, who did not want to be identified, lives a block from where a dilapidated structure targeted for illegal dumping is being demolished.

“We have a nice neighborhood, but we have people coming into our neighborhood and throwing all their trash away,” the resident said. “I don’t appreciate that, and if I ever catch them, I’m going to report them too.”

Friday’s demolition is part of Mayor Sheldon Neeley’s effort to clear the city of vehicles.

Speaking at a press conference at the intersection of Rankin and Bonbright streets, Neeley said he witnessed an illegal dumping at the site two weeks ago.

Neeley urges residents to call Flint County and Genesee Crime Stoppers if they see an illegal dumping.

“When we catch someone illegally dumping in our neighborhoods, take a picture of them,” Neeley said. “Take a photo of their license plate. Report it and when you report it, if it leads to the arrest and conviction of individuals illegally dumping in our community, it can earn you a reward ranging from $250 at $2,000.

Neeley said authorities are actively looking for illegal dumpers.

“Today is not just the first day of the fight,” Neeley said. “But today is the first day that we strike fear into the hearts of these individuals who are dumping in our community.”

Meanwhile, a Flint resident has a message for those who stir up trouble in her community.

“All these dumpsters here, you have to go to the dumpsters, put this trash in there,” the resident said. “It’s your city. Keep your city clean.

Crime Stoppers offers a reward for all the tips that lead to the capture of those responsible for the plague. Anyone with information about a potential suspect can submit a report anonymously by calling 1-800-422-JAIL.


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