DMV Driver’s Handbook Available in New Formats

The cover of the new Colorado Driver Handbook is inspired by the famous Colorado landscape.
Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles/Courtesy Photo

Coloradans can now obtain the latest version of the driver’s manual in several different formats.

The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles has announced that the Owner’s Manual is now available as an English audiobook for the first time, and is also available in print and digital versions in English and Spanish.

The Driver’s Handbook is the manual published by the DMV to help motorists prepare for written driving tests and learn to drive safely and legally on Colorado roads.

This is the first time the manual will be available as an audiobook in English, providing an option for drivers who have reading or learning difficulties or who simply learn best by listening to information.

“We want to allow Coloradans to get the driver’s manual in the format that suits them best,” said driver licensing director Lori Daigle. “The DMV is committed to serving all Coloradans and by providing the manual in various formats, allows us to do just that.”

Material is traditionally available in English and Spanish as a hard copy or digital download that can be read online or printed.

The manual can be downloaded online from the DMV website in English or Spanish, or can be listened to as an audiobook on YouTubeAmazon and Podbean.

For drivers preparing for the written driving test, the DMV also offers the Colorado Driver’s Handbook practice quiz. which includes 30 questions on the elements of safe driving in Colorado.


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