“Digital and video formats are becoming more and more popular lately”


TV news is becoming more polarized than ever and opinions, not facts, are featured in the news to earn more TRPs, which helps to earn money, says Vikram Chandra, Founder, editorji Technologies. Chandra, who left TV news a few years ago to create his own AI-powered video news platform, was speaking during the fireside chat titled ‘Decoding the Changing Nature of Video News with Sudhir Mishra, Managing Partner, Trust Legal at the “e4m 40 under 40 English Journalism Summit”. The summit was held in Delhi on Wednesday.

In a conversation with Mishra, Vikram Chandra provided insight into the realities of television newsrooms, emerging media formats, especially video, which have disrupted the news market, prompting him to leave television .

“There were several reasons for leaving the news anchor. The linear TV format today faces challenges from OTT and other formats around the world. I don’t know how long this format will work Television is not the answer to what news consumers are looking for today Digital and video formats are becoming popular Another challenge is how to separate fact and opinion when presenting news and on which digital platforms the news is consumed,” Chandra explained.

Chandra said people get sick from watching loud TV news these days.

The former group CEO of leading news channel NDTV left the channel in 2016 to install editorji. He launched editorji in 2018, positioning it as a disruptive offering in the digital news space. Editorji is an AI-powered news platform, which offers free, short and personalized video newsletters. HT Media and Bharti Airtel are among the early investors in Editorji, with RPSG Group later acquiring a majority stake in the app.

Users’ daily video diary is custom-designed by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, based on their location and preferences, Chandra said.

They can also create their own newsletters, add comments and share them with other users and friends on social networks like Twitter or Instagram.

“Given the general trend of shortening attention spans and changing consumer behavior during the pandemic, short-form videos have become a popular media format lately,” Chandra said.

About editorji, Chandra said, “I explored for two years to understand how people consume video information and how we can use this format and use AI and algorithms that can help us understand what want the humans of a particular place. The pandemic has helped us evangelize change. We didn’t just want to tell people to come and download our app to get the video we created. It wouldn’t have worked in this age when information flows freely everywhere. We wanted to offer video newsletters organized around consumer interests and needs. »

During the fireside chat, Mishra reminded Chandra of his old arguments that more than 30,000 set-top boxes decide the future of television (TRP) in India and what 130 million consumers would watch. Mishra added that the time slot, which is crucial for TV, is not important for digital. People can watch the digital news or video whenever they want and that’s what worked in favor of editorji.

Citing his initial challenges, he said, “I didn’t want to present the news in traditional formats that feature national news, international news, reports, debates, etc. forcing everyone to watch the same content. Instead, I wanted to give news content that consumers wanted to watch. For us, it was a challenge to know the video news audience algorithm so that we could take a call on our newscasts.

Chandra said, “Our platform provides one-click access to a personalized newscast created by an algorithm that takes into account many parameters including location, news categories, preferred news style, etc Users can ignore stories they don’t want to see by simply swiping.”

Chandra has also patented its AI-related news format. Asked about investors who have backed editorji because of its unique concept, Chandra said, “We never planned for different investment cycles. As we were planning to do something drastic, we expected a longer incubation period. I was just lucky that Airtel and HT came forward to invest in the platform. Later, the RPG group came on board.

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