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Consider the source announces the release of a special hybrid album live concert

Late Tuesday, Consider the source announced a special event for next week. We let them explain:

We invite you to join us on Wednesday 15 December for a special live hybrid album release concert! Tickets are $ 12 in advance and $ 15 on the day of the show with one hour of the show at 8 p.m. EST.

Instead of picking a city to kick off our album with an in-person gig, we decided to play live so that Sourcerors around the world could tune in to watch together while we play our album in its entirety, two nights before its release. official. We will bring a collection of acoustic and electric instruments used on the album to the beautiful hall converted into a church, Musical sanctuary 5 points in Roanoke, Virginia to share the music with you in the audio and video quality we think it deserves. We hope you purchase a ticket and exclusive merchandise from the Hybrid Album and share this special evening in CTS history!

Learn more about CTS… The sci-fi fusion trio Consider the Source began in the bowels of New York City performing heavy improvisational sets imbued with Indian and Middle Eastern styles. Once the group realized that they had something really original, they decided to take them on the road leading to 15 years of touring the United States in addition to Israel, Germany, Turkey and a trip to India. Their studio catalog has evolved into a wide range of progressive rock, classical, jazz and Eastern European music mixed with many other styles from around the world. The sound of the band is constantly evolving and has caused them to constantly search for something new and exciting.

Consider Source is living a purpose, a life together, having fun and creating art. Their next release, scheduled for The rope of a doping agent December 17 is titled Hybrid Vol. 1 | Like a mule, a reference to the mixture of electric and acoustic tracks. The album brings the full exploration of CTS with a host of additional instruments: Uyghur Dutar, Banjo Bass, Dabuka, Dombra, Ukulele Bass, Djembe, and more. It’s a weird thing to introduce a term like “Post-World Music”, but maybe that’s the best way to describe what’s going on here. Consider The Source is not a world music group playing music from Eastern Europe or the Middle East; they are students of music and culture who respect the vast tradition and take it into the 21st century and beyond. This cultural fusion might also be a good descriptor, but ultimately those terms don’t describe the power and creativity at play here.

The links are below. The website has all the information on concert tickets and tickets for next Wednesday’s livestream. Consider The Source has four more concerts on its December schedule in addition to the live broadcast, with shows in Buffalo, Kings County, Cambridge and Holyoke.


09/12 Buffalo Iron Works | Buffalo NY
12/10 Brooklyn does | Kings County NY
12/11 The Sinclair | MA Cambridge
12/12 City art gate | MA Holyoke
12/15 Special Hybrid Album Release Live Concert
12/17 Release of Hybrid Vol. 1 | Like a mule


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