CBSE Class 10 English Writing Section Formats, Answers and Scoring System for 2022 Term 2 Exam


CBSE class 10 students can check here the correct formats for writing letters and paragraphs as well as important questions and scoring scheme for CBSE class 10 exam English term 2 2022.

Created on: April 21, 2022 3:18 PM IST

CBSE 10 Class English Writing Section Formats, Questions and Scoring Scheme

The CBSE Class 10 English Exam 2022 (Term 2) will have questions to test students on the basis of Reading, Writing, Grammar and Literature. The CBSE English class 10 semester 2 paper will have three sections; A, B and C where section B will be based on writing and grammar. Writing is one of the important sections for which students must be well prepared, otherwise they may lose important marks due to incorrect formats and use of inappropriate language. So, to help students improve in the writing part, we have discussed some very important tips along with correct formats to use and important questions with answers.

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CBSE Class 10 English Writing Section Marking Scheme

The writing part of the article will consist of two questions, first writing a paragraph and the other writing a letter. Each question would carry 5 points. Students will be asked to answer one of the proposed questions.

  1. Analytical paragraph (based on plan/chart/benchmark/map/report, etc.) – 5 points
  2. Formal letter based on a given situation – 5 points
  • Order letter
  • Letter of Inquiry

Students must know the correct way to answer either question. They must have knowledge of correct formats, the expression of ideas and the thought process and the use of appropriate language to present information clearly and clearly.

Students can get an idea of ​​the type of questions to ask on the upcoming exam by viewing the following examples (extracted from the sample CBSE document):

1. Analytical paragraph

Study the concept chart for the self-help magazine section of a monthly publication.

Write a paragraph in no more than 120 words, analyzing the listed responses to the situation when facing setbacks.

See the following link for the correct way to attempt an analytical paragraph question to get full marks:

2. Writing letters

You are Samina Zaveri, Class X, Vadodara, Gujarat. You come across the following information on the bulletin board of a local library.

You want to participate but need more information. Write a letter to Teen-Toggle Games Pvt.Ltd in approximately 120 words, asking about the rules, scholarship details and deadlines. Also ask about specifications for solo or group entries.

Check the following link for the right way to try the letter writing questions to get full marks. Here you will check the tips for writing the two types of letters – Order Letter and Inquiry Letter:

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