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For a hassle-free online casino experience, you need a safe, reliable and convenient payment method. Fortunately, Australians have many payment options to choose from and new ones are constantly being introduced. But with variety comes uncertainty and confusion. This article aims to make things as simple as possible – by narrowing down the payment options at Australian online casinos to just five types.

1. Credit and debit cards – VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express

What sets credit and debit cards apart is how well people know them and how much we’ve used them. They are very widely accepted as a method of payment and generally work both quickly and reliably. There’s also a sense of comfort when performing an action you’ve done many times without any issues. Overall, you don’t expect to encounter any issues here.

But there is an obvious downside to credit and debit cards – you also have to enter a long number when making online payments or have the card information stored on your browser, which is an unnecessary risk, especially if you have lots of money on this card. , which you would if you used it a lot.

Thus, you generally don’t want to give your credit card details to a shady platform. And even if you’re willing to risk a few dollars to maybe get something you really want from someone you don’t really trust, you can’t do it safely with a credit card. And that’s why there are other payment methods, providing extra security where credit and debit cards can’t.

Not that we recommend dealing with shady platforms! But having an extra layer of security can’t hurt and it also protects you from things like honest mistakes – which can sometimes even be your own mistakes. Operating on the assumption that everything will be fine is not one of the safest strategies. It is much wiser to be prepared for the possibility of trouble ahead.

2. Digital wallets, mobile wallets, virtual banking and prepaid cards

The second type of payment methods are those that introduce a third party. It will receive money from your bank or credit card and transfer funds to the online casino without sharing any of your personal information. These include Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, ecoPayz, Cick2Pay, Neosurf, UPay Card, PaySafeCard, Entropay, Poli, Instadebit, Western Union, Revolut, Apple Pay, Google Pay, BPay. You can use them all to deposit or withdraw funds from australian online casinos.

Whether it’s a “digital wallet” or a prepaid card, the idea is that you can’t spend more money than you put into it, so any risk is minimized to that sum .

And no one can steal your information, if it doesn’t leak anywhere along the way. Thus, you can transfer a reasonable amount of money to your digital wallet and make payments from there without having to worry about the security of your bank account. Not that it’s necessary to put your money at risk, as there are plenty of licensed, safe and reputable gambling sites out there.

Additionally, third-party payment services can be cheaper and more convenient than traditional banking services. Being able to do everything online eliminates the need to consider things like office locations, office hours, long queues, potential viruses, etc. You can access virtual banking services anytime and anywhere.

3. Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Ethereum

There are many advantages associated with using the payment methods described above. However, they are all constantly observed by centralized financial institutions. Cryptocurrency transfers, on the other hand, do not involve identification of the sender of the funds, so players at crypto casinos can benefit from increased privacy.

In addition to better privacy, crypto allows you to make large transactions with little or no fees. Some casinos allow you to place larger bets in Bitcoin than in dollars. So why isn’t everyone using this payment method? Well, due to fluctuations in the value of cryptocurrencies, many people have been hesitant to adopt them, which makes them less universal.

4. Telephone bill

This is one of the newer developments – there are services that allow you to play at online casinos and pay later through your phone bill. This is an extremely easy way to make a small bet that isn’t meant to be a big deal, similar to buying a lottery ticket. This type of payment method is not suitable for betting a lot of money, but most players don’t try to bet a lot of money anyway.

Gambling sites offering this payment option are called “pay-by-phone” casinos. Playing over the phone is primarily associated with convenience, so it’s only natural that players want to use the most convenient payment method possible in this context. And you can both play and keep your money – until your next phone bill.

5. Direct Bank Transfers

Direct bank transfers send money directly from your bank to the online casino. It’s a traditional method, but it’s still popular to this day, and many gaming sites accept bank transfers as a form of payment. Because this option is so simple, it usually does not involve additional costs, and this is the main reason for its popularity.

And you can create your own “gambling wallet” by opening a separate bank account to which you can transfer money from your main account and then make direct bank transfers from this special account to the online casino. This way you can avoid the risk of spending more money on gambling than is reasonable.

Since the online casinos recommended by expert casino reviews are safe, choosing payment methods is a matter of personal preference and what you find most convenient for you. However, you might benefit from having a fund transfer system in place that prohibits you from spending more than you can afford. It is strongly recommended to approach this topic seriously, as the lack of awareness and self-control often leads to gambling problems.


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