Blintn shares analysis on Indonesia’s growing preference for content formats and genres


Blintn, Asia’s leading B2B media rights marketplace, shared its analysis on the changing trend of Indonesia’s preference for content formats and genres.

Indonesia, one of the most populous countries in the world, is recently recognized for its rapid growth in the SVOD market and hence viewer behavior towards digital media from terrestrial TV platforms . According to the Global Web Index (GWI), competition between the online TV and traditional TV markets is known to intensify, which is proven by the increase in time spent on streaming platforms to over 40 % of total television viewing time. The shift has been accelerated due to the COVID-19 outbreak as viewers have begun to shift to personal device screens, according to the industry.

Internal data from Blintn revealed that streamers and local TV channels are increasingly looking for new content to build customer loyalty in response to growing competition between global streaming platforms within regions. Blintn mentioned that there has been a surge in Indonesian visitors and searches from these visitors on the platform, making Indonesia the second most visited country in the market just after China.

Blintn also shared that the top search results in Indonesia point to K content, especially K series or movies, with mostly romance and comedy genres. They also vigorously pursue foreign TV series and animations to attract their viewers.

Blintn CEO Peter Choe explained how the continued rise in interest in acquiring content is leading to the influx of online media rights marketplaces like Blintn. “Not just Indonesia, but the industry as a whole wants to acquire good content in a larger volume, which also leads to increased visits and search entries on Blintn,” Choe said. “Blintn hopes to respond to such an increase in content demand and supply, and consistently act as an effective window for better content transactions,” he added.

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