Beat the Binge, Stats Show Most Women Have Eating Disorders


How would someone know if they have an eating disorder? According to the American Psychological Association, signs of eating disorders can include:

  • extreme diet
  • Bing and purge
  • Social withdrawal
  • Emotional eating

Moreover, the author Susan Haworth Hoeppnerin his book Family, Culture, and Self in the Development of Eating Disorderssharing these symptoms of an eating disorder may include:

  • Hide or sneak food
  • Loss of control while binging
  • feeling ashamed after drinking
  • Avoiding situations with food
  • Excessive diet

“Knowledge is power” according to Chevalier, “Because once women learn that their eating is disordered, they can fix it.” Knight, who has interviewed over 5,000 women who reported having eating disorders, shares her top three suggestions for eating disorder freedom, “First, stop dieting. The National Institute of Health reports that diet is the main determinant of a new eating disorder, and we found the same thing. Diet has the the opposite effect that most hope for. Second, share your experience with someone you trust. Sharing your story helps end the cycle of shame. Finally, find the professional help that’s right for you.”

Eating disorders are the norm in various groups of women. The UNC Chapel Hill survey also found that eating disorders are equally prevalent across races, ethnicities and ages. Women in their 30s and 40s reported eating disorders as often as teenage girls. In order to solve the eating disorder epidemic, it is essential to understand that the problem is not simply one that teenage girls face.

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