An unusual source of information


Often, important information arrives too late to be useful. As I mentioned in previous columns, I was hit with a difficult case of COVID-19 at the end of November 2020. Covid stayed with me for forty days. This necessitated my retirement from the aged care home work I had done for nearly eleven years.

After speaking with my doctor, I was vaccinated at the end of February 2021. I received my second drowsiness in March and my booster drowsiness in November. I assumed I was following correct CDC protocol.

As I am the retired church officer, I am responsible for handling maintenance issues during the week. Our church water bill recently doubled.

After the pastor checked everything, it was obvious that one of our toilets was constantly running, causing our water usage to increase. I phoned our regular plumber. He informed me that his partner was in the area and would be stopping by that very afternoon.

Carl (not his real name) quickly appeared. I wore a mask. He was not. I did not mention this fact, but he did. What began was an hour-long rant on all aspects of the current pandemic. I didn’t interrupt him because he was obviously working on time. He informed me that he left his last church because the powers that be in that church were not interested in his expertise in the details of the COVID-19 vaccine.

He informed me that my Moderna vaccination and booster may have shortened my life; however, the fact that I was well over 70 probably didn’t make much of a difference. He informed me that his expertise was the product of many late night podcasts coupled with the knowledge he had gained from having a friend (a college graduate with a major in chemistry) who is currently employed by one of companies involved in testing the effectiveness of covid vaccines. He further explained that the types of vaccines used have not been proven to help much in the fight against the COVID 19 explosion. He told me that mRNA vaccines were not the best solution.

Carl doesn’t have a degree in immunology or anything. He was, in his opinion, an absolute expert on the pros and cons of mRNA vaccines and the decision to use them. In addition, he explained the use or not of masks and social distancing. He let me know that if I wanted, he could put me in touch with his friend who graduated in chemistry. He also left me several podcasts and a late night radio show that exposed the myths of Covid 19 treatment.

After passing on all this information, he finally completed the repairs on the toilet. He was struggling to fill the bill for his services. After I handed him a check and he disappeared down the aisle of the church, I thought you could count on the CDC and Dr. Fauci, but I’m asking you this, can they fix your toilet ?

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