Agency Source and AIR (Alliance of Independent Representatives) align with advanced industry search capabilities


Agency Source – the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and curated list of advertising agencies, brands, production companies (and their staff) online – has partnered with the Independent Representative Alliance (AIR), creating a pathway for the development of Agency Source offerings designed to help AIR as a group. The partnership, announced by AIR President, Veronica Lombardo (VLM), Vice President Ann Asprodites (Asprodites Reps) and Colleen D’Amico, (Vice President of USA Sales at Agency Source), cements the existing relationship between AIR members and the Agency Source platform.

“We are beyond proud to announce that Agency Source is now the new favorite business resource for AIR members, who will benefit from personalized search features, CRM tools, alternative pricing and enhanced directory listings on the platform. -form,” D’Amico said.

“The benefit for AIR members is clear: Agency Source streamlines the new business process, while ensuring substantial and ongoing communication with our team,” said Lombardo. “Keeping up to date with all the changes in the worlds of advertising and production is vital for reps, especially now, with so many people moving to new agencies, going freelance or adopting hybrid work models. Agency Source provides continuously updated and downloadable agency and brand personnel lists. We may also commission Agency Source researchers to find specific information to help promote our lists.”

“The evolution of the usefulness of Agency Source depends largely on our input,” echoed Asprodites. “This is exciting news for AIR, our existing members and for those who wish to join. We are so much stronger together.

The Alliance of Independent Representatives (AIR), a 501(c)6 business organization, was formed last year to unite, support and uplift Independent Representatives by creating a platform where community dialogue, resources and vital advice is shared. With a growing list of members in Canada and Europe, AIR develops industry standards and best practices, conducts seminars and informational presentations, and partners with peer associations in the fields of production, publication, agencies and advertisers to advance common interests. AIR also offers two proprietary features:

  • Representation search provides a way to help production and publishing companies find representation that meets key criteria such as category expertise
  • Explore the Alliance is a quick and easy way to find representative companies by state, territory or country.

Agency Source USA was launched in January 2021 by industry research veteran D’Amico and Ross MacRae, founder of the UK’s powerful BikiniLists search engine, which has been helping global production professionals find new clients for 1997.

“The ace Agency Source research team tracks people’s movements, agency updates, and direct brand marketing contacts around the world – so reps and producers can find, save, and download lists of new customers 24/7,” said MacRae, adding, “Agency Source was tailor-made for U.S. production reps from the start, and we’re excited to work with AIR members to further develop platform as their needs and those of their rosters evolve.


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