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Welcome to Parking Network!

Even though there is a lot of information on this site, you should have no problem finding what you are looking for. We believe that visitors will find their way around the website faster and easier when they first read the following information:

1. What is the parking network?

Parking network is an online community, founded in 1996 in cooperation with the EPA.
It was the first online information source for all parking industry professionals. “Connecting professionals around the world” has been our vision from the start.

Within the Parking Network community, we connect parking professionals around the world and providing the latest developments in the parking industry. From daily updated news to product showcases, job postings, tenders, upcoming events, literature and the 1,700 companies listed in the yellow pages of the parking industry around the world .
Today, Parking Network has grown into the world’s largest source of parking information and even hosts its own user group events. Many leading companies in the parking industry around the world choose Parking Network as their marketing platform. IPMI, NPA and many other large associations support Parking Network.

Parking Network - Community for professionals

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2. What is the Parking Network website used for?

The parking industry is overloaded with information. Professionals don’t have time to read everything. Parking Networks offers parking industry professionals the ability to find well-structured qualified information in one place on the Internet. Information on the site is updated daily.

Parking Network also gives you the possibility of add information to the platform yourself. For example, you can post your company’s press releases in our News section or add your vacancies to our job list. We always ensure that the information published on our website is valid, recent, informative and related to parking. Therefore, we review all submissions before posting them to the website.

All information about the parking industry in one place

Parking Network is available anytime, anywhere and at no cost.

Weekly bulletin

Parking Network also provides a weekly email update which includes all the important developments of the last week. If you have an account on the website, you can simply check the “Receive newsletter” box when editing your profile information. You can also send an email to [email protected] and request to receive the newsletter in your mailbox every week.

Social media

You can find us on these social platforms:

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3. What can I find on the website?

Parking news

In the News section we provide updated daily new related to the parking industry. You can also submit news yourself once you are logged in. To ensure that all information on our website is relevant, up-to-date and qualified, the material submitted must be approved by our team before being published on the website.

Parking industry

Here you can find addresses, company profiles and other information of leading companies in the parking sector. You can register your business in our Industry section and be part of the Yellow Pages of the parking industry which has up to 1,700 businesses to date. Parking Network gives you the ability to add information that you would like to see online and gives you full control over your own posts. Members can connect press releases and job postings to their company profile, and even company and product information and showcases.

Parking tenders

Access our information service on international tenders and find all the latest requests for proposals (RFP) and requests for qualification (RFQ) related to parking. We update the Tender section several times a week. To see all the details of the call for tenders, a Company membership is required.

Parking Jobs

In our Jobs section you can find all relevant parking jobs around the world. The Jobs section is updated several times a week. We showcase jobs sorted by industry and provide an easy Apply button. You can submit your own vacancies to our job list and it will be shown to all visitors to the parking network. Every month we have over 21,000 unique visitors and over 65,000 hits!

Parking displays

In our Showcases section, companies in the parking industry from all over the world present their latest products, services and solutions. To submit a showcase, a Company membership is required.

Training for parking professionals

In our Education section, you can find companies that provide training to professionals in the parking industry. Does your company offer training related to parking? Add education to our database to attract more participants!

Interviews with parking professionals

Watch recent video interviews with CEOs, managers and other parking professionals companies around the world in our Interviews section.

International parking events

Promote your event in our Events section and check out the next one national and international parking events. All important parking events are listed in our calendar.

Parking professionals

Parking Network is an interesting and easy way to interact with people in your field of work, and an effective and efficient method for generating new business contacts. After registering for free, you will have access to your own profile and can manage your own articles. For example, you can add and edit your own news, vacancies, etc.


Our Literature section includes all the essential publications and documents needed to improve your knowledge of the parking industry. Here you can find the tiniest details of the available books, eBooks, reports, magazines and journals containing the vital information that will give you the edge over your competition.

International parking associations

All the national and international parking associations are listed in our Associations section. Find addresses, information and more from leading parking associations around the world.

Web events

Parking Network offers parking related web events. By joining our Web Events for FREE you and your employees have the opportunity to interact with professionals from the world’s largest companies in the parking industry and learn about the latest technologies and developments. Parking Network offers web events with all possible topics that are relevant to the parking industry.

Parking Industry Blog

In our Daily Blog we publish the latest flash info on parking. Every day there is a different topic, from parking payment options to building new designer parking lots. Anything that is relevant, recent and of interest will be discussed in our blog.

About parking

On the About parking page, you will find everything there is to know about parking. From parking techniques to payment methods and current trends to different types of parking lots, and more. This online parking ecyclopedia is in constant development and is updated frequently!

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4. How can I become a member?

Anyone can become a member of FREE. After registering, you will have access to your own profile and will be able to manage your own articles. For example, you can submit your own news and vacancies. At the top right of the screen, you can find the dark blue “Sign up for free!” ” button. You can also sign up with your LinkedIn profile.

Business Membership ProgramMembership program for companies in the parking network

Companies can join our Business Membership Program to take advantage of the many advantages offered by Parking Network. Through the Business Membership Program, we help businesses grow their businesses through networking, industry information, marketing, and physical and virtual events. For more information, please contact us at jorrit (at) parking-net.com

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