A safe way to sign PDFs and convert them to various formats



PDF files are useful for sharing documents in their original format and layout. They can be used for manuals, forms, resumes, contracts, scanned documents, book pages, e-books and more. A PDF will display correctly on any device you send it to and will look the same for everyone.

What do you do when you come across a web page that you want to save? You can take a screenshot, but it will keep ads and other stuff you don’t need. Copying text works, but then you lose images. There are easy ways to export web pages to PDF. Tap or click here for instructions for Mac or Windows users.

Sharing a PDF is as easy as sending an email or text message, but creating one of these files isn’t always easy. You can associate PDFs with Adobe Acrobat, and why not? Adobe created the portable document format. Although you have to pay for Adobe’s premium services, some don’t require it.

Be aware of what exists

Adobe Acrobat is made up of a group of programs designed to help you work with PDF files. Services include reading, editing, creating, signing, printing, converting and managing PDF files.

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You don’t need to use Adobe software to work with PDFs. Do a Google search and you will get all kinds of promising results for the PDF feature. Unfortunately, some of these sites are sketchy. They will attract you and ask you for personal information. In the worst case scenario, you’ll download malware disguised as an app.

If you want to edit and convert PDF files to file formats like Excel and Word, there is Adobe Acrobat Standard DC. This premium service starts at $ 12.99 per month and allows you to scan, sign, track and send PDFs. A 7-day free trial is available, after which you are charged unless you cancel.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free program that lets you view, sign, collaborate, and annotate PDF files. While you can create an account or sign in with Google or Apple, you don’t even need to do this step at first.

Adobe online

Adobe has a page with free online PDF tools for everyone to use. You can convert various files to PDF and vice versa. You can reduce file size and edit PDFs, including adding notes and rearranging and merging pages. You can also sign PDFs and request signatures.

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Just go to adobe.com/acrobat/online on your desktop or mobile device to get started. Select a service and follow the on-screen instructions.

Let’s take an example: converting a Word document to PDF.

  • To select Convert to PDF Where Word to PDF.
  • On the next page, tap or click Select a file and choose the Word document you want to convert.
  • After the program completes the task, select To download to save it on your device.

There are limits to the number of times you can use the tools, and at some point you will need to create an account.



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