Mortgage loan without payroll 2019: is it possible?

Mortgage loan without payroll 2019: is it possible? post thumbnail image

Is it possible to obtain a mortgage without a pay slip for the year 2019? Although it is not at all simple, lenders are able to offer new forms of loan.

And then, if up until a recent past it was impossible to take out a mortgage without a paycheck, today it is possible to obtain it, but be careful, different forms of guarantee are needed , which must be given to the bank.

Let’s find out in this guide when you can request and get a mortgage without a pay slip for 2019.

Mortgage without payroll 2019: how does it work?

Mortgage loan

It is not impossible to request a loan, but obviously every bank will ask for its own guarantee.

To meet the many needs of customers who do not have a pay slip, but still need to buy a house, it is necessary to present guarantees .

The guarantees are not all the same and each credit institution carefully assesses the creditworthiness and earnings capacity of the instant subject and the guarantor.

Mortgage without payroll 2019: Which guarantees to present?

Mortgage loan

The main guarantees that can be presented to a lender include:

  • the ownership of a property,
  • the signature of a third party guarantor as a parent or a third party who will assume the responsibility of honoring the debt in the event of non-payment.

The guarantees play a fundamental role in being able to start all the procedures or not and each bank evaluates the different factors and decides to disburse a loan, perhaps for an amount lower than the requested amount.

Mortgage without paycheck for young people 2019

Mortgage without paycheck for young people 2019

As already anticipated, the mortgage without payroll is increasingly in demand and, among the main instant subjects, there are young people.

The current legislation, for the year 2019, provides for the possibility of granting mortgages to unemployed young people, to new entrepreneurs, to precarious or unemployed people are covered by a public guarantee fund, which reassures creditors about the repayment of loan installments.