Luis Pineda deposits 200,000 euros of bail and will leave prison 3 years later

The president of Ausbanc, Luis Pineda , will leave this Tuesday of prison after managing to gather the 200,000 euros of bail that the National Audience has imposed to him. Precisely a day like today three years ago, Pineda entered the prison of Estremera (Madrid) as a provisional measure, as ordered by judge Santiago Pedraz, who was instructed against him, the president of Manos Limpias, Miguel Bernad and the lawyer from the same union, Virginia Negrete.

Initially a bail of 500,000 euros was imposed on him to get out of prison

Initially a bail of 500,000 euros was imposed on him to get out of prison

But his defense, exercised by the firm Durán & Durán Abogados, filed an appeal that has been admitted for processing in part and the bail has been lowered to 200,000 euros . The children of Pineda and two guarantors have managed to collect the amount they have deposited this afternoon in the Arganda Courts (Madrid).

Pineda’s lawyer, Miguel Durán, considers excessive the different refusals of the investigating judge of the Néstor or Ausbanc case , Santiago Pedraz, to let Luis Pineda free for three years, alleging risk of escape. The leader of Ausbanc is accused of belonging to a presumed criminal organization that would have extorted different persons and entities (including the Infanta Cristina), along with the Manos Limpias union, in exchange for withdrawing accusations in cases in which they were represented as accusation.

The anger of Pineda with the prosecutor

In the case Nóos would have tried to benefit from between two and three million euros for withdrawing his accusation. For these facts Pineda faces 25 years in prison for the alleged crimes of extortion, fraud, threats, unfair administration and fraud in subsidies.

Companies abroad


The last decision of the Third Section of the National Court to keep Pineda in prison was based on the risk that he would flee to Venezuela because of his contacts with the Maduro Government and the funds that he could accumulate in that country (of about 100). million euros according to the Office of the Prosecutor).

However, his defense argued in his last writ of petition for freedom before the Fourth Section of the Criminal Chamber that “such reasoning is superficial and aprioristic” since “Ausbanc Empresas is in liquidation of creditors” and that “Mr. Pineda can not control or have a single dollar or euro.”

The Fourth Section of the Criminal Chamber, composed of magistrates Ángela Murillo, María Teresa Palacios and Juan Francisco Martel, has finally decided to release him on bail for various reasons. The magistrates affirm that the center of operations of their companies is in Spain, where their wife and four children live. Also that other defendants for whom penalties are requested as high or higher are at liberty and that he has been in prison for three years without being able to know if the trial against him and the other 10 accused will take place soon or not.