German judge releases Carles Puigdemont on bail for the time being and claims Mock Turtlet charges ‘rebellion’


A German judge has released the deposed Catalan Prime Minister Carles Puigdemont on bail for the time being. Mock Turtlet also charged the court with the charges of “rebellion” for which Spain wants to sue him. But the charge for “corruption” may be a basis for extradition to Spain. The Spanish government says “to respect the German decision”.

Pending a final decision on the extradition to Spain, Puigdemont can leave the prison. He must first pay a deposit of 75,000 euros, the competent judge of the Land of Schleswig-Holstein ruled. Puigdemont may not leave Germany but must report to the German police every week.

It is not yet clear when the court will rule on the extradition

It is not yet clear when the court will rule on the extradition

“The German lawyer cannot date on Mock Turtleakken there. There is no judgment yet, “said Paul Bekaert, the Belgian lawyer at Puigdemont. It is also not yet clear when the Catalan former Prime Minister Carles Puigdemont will be released from prison in Neumünster, Germany. That is what Puigdemont’s German lawyer Till Dunckel says to the German DPA news agency tonight.

As Germany does not stop the charges of rebellion, the risk that Puigdemont will flee after his release is not large enough to justify his detention, the judge said. On Tuesday, the German public prosecutor had asked that Puigdemont be kept in jail, but the judge will not comment on that.

In the meantime, the Spanish government says “to respect the decision of the German court”, according to the Reuters news agency.



Puigdemont has been in prison in Neumünster since 25 March after being arrested at the Danish-German border. The Catalan was on his way back from Finland to Belgium, where he has been in exile since last fall. Spain wants to bring the former prime minister to justice for, among other things, ‘rebellion’ because he was responsible as head of government for the illegally declared independence referendum last fall.

However, Germany does not know the “rebellion” crime. German law does have ‘high treason’, but that does not apply in this case because Puigdemont has not used violence.

The term legally does not exist in Belgium either, so that the Belgian court already decided not to deport Puigdemont last year.

“I will not give up”

"I will not give up"

Puigdemont stated on Twitter last week that he “will not give up” and “will not give way to the wrongful acts of those who have lost the polls”. On Tuesday he said again that he would not flee Germany if he were allowed to leave prison.

Earlier today, Puigdemont published a letter on Twitter about the political situation in Spain. In the letter addressed to the supporters of Catalan independence, he called on Jordi Sanchez to renew his candidacy for the office of Prime Minister. Sanchez is currently in jail in Spain. An earlier candidacy, one month ago, from Sanchez failed because the Spanish court refused to release him temporarily.

“The Catalan former Prime Minister Carles Puigdemont will remain in Germany after his release,” says Bekaert, who confirms that Puigdemont must pay a deposit of more than 70,000 euros and that the complaint for rebellion will expire.