Loan Discount – Good News for Multiple Kids

A government decree on housing loan reduction has already been published and has already been announced in an earlier article. The loan relief plan was first announced by the government in May this year, and the specific decree has just been published in the Hungarian Gazette. The purpose of the decree is that banks will […]

How to choose a loan?

How to choose a loan? What are the parameters to take into consideration in a complex and variegated reality like that of loans? Fixed or variable rate loan? The constant installment may seem the most trivial financial product, but in fact the request for a loan is anything but a simple undertaking. Just carry out […]

The good news is that interest rates on payday loans have fallen.

For smaller purposes – if we need a few hundred thousand or a million or two million to cover some of our near-term expenses – we can take out a payday loan. Banking arrangements for larger amounts are usually referred to as loans. Let’s take a look at the market, what trends do we see, […]

Mortgage loan without payroll 2019: is it possible?

Is it possible to obtain a mortgage without a pay slip for the year 2019? Although it is not at all simple, lenders are able to offer new forms of loan. And then, if up until a recent past it was impossible to take out a mortgage without a paycheck, today it is possible to […]

What kind of loan cover is required for different loans?

When borrowing, financial institutions want to insure themselves as much as possible when lending to their clients. There are loans that require some cover for the credit institution, otherwise they will not lend. What kind of loan cover is required for different loans? You wouldn’t think so, but in fact, every loan needs some sort […]

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